Another week of beautiful fish, corals and inverts here at Premium Aquatics!* We have from the unique Peacock Mantis Shrimp to the reef friendly firefish gobies, cardinals and Yellow Tangs in stock this week!!* Check out a few of the highlights below!! *

We also have an amazing sale on our Maricultured Combo Rocks this weekend!!* Check them out and save 40% off this weekend!!* These Colony Combo rocks have zoanthids, mushrooms, GSP, and more covered on them!* They are an instant hit in any save BIG and grab yours before they hit the chopping block and get fragged up next week!* We hope to see you tomorrow!

40% off of Maricultured Coral Combo Rocks!!

Large Coral Combo rocks - SALE $53.99 *- Normally $89.99
Medium Coral Combo rocks - SALE $41.99 - Normally $69.99

Achilles Tang

Koran Angel

Yellow Tangs

Yellow Tail Pygmy Angel
Diamond Watchman Goby
Yasha Goby/Pistol Shrimp Pair
Randall's Goby and Shrimp Pair
Peacock Mantis Shrimp - $37.99!
***What a unique invert...did you know they could live up to 20 years!!!****

Tracy's Demoiselle Damsels $27.99 each - only 2 available - SALE Price $17.99 This Saturday ONLY!!!

Reef Gen Cappezoli Anenomes - only 2 left in stock.* What a beautiful coloration these pastel nems have!! * These are listed at $149.99 and will be sure to add a color you don't have in your reef already.

Also, we also have some great deals and markdowns in drygoods this weekend!!*

Try out Seachem's NEW Vibrant Sea concentrated a discount of 50% off for a damaged box.* WOW!!!* Very limited amounts so hurry in...

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