Premium Aquatics took advantage of the heat wave at 20 degrees to bring in a batch of stunning fish for you this weekend!* Blennies, angels and wrasse were the focus with some great coloration on the Tono's Fairy Wrasse and the Male Adornatus Fairy Wrasse.* If you are a wrasse lover, these two have stunning reds, orange and pink patterns that are sure to stand out in your reef!* Check out the other wild caught fish we brought in below.* Next week we will be re-stocking our Sustainable Aquatics system with aqua-cultured clownfish and more so get your pre-orders in now!* We hope to see you*tomorrow*1/6/2018*to celebrate the New Year with colorful fishes and inverts!!

New Arrivals
Midas Blenny

2 Spot Blenny
Flametail Blenny
Forktail Blenny
Coral Beauty Angel
Yellow Angel
Adornatus Fairy Wrasse

Tono's Fairy Wrasse

Yellow and Purple Wrasse

Halloween Crabs
Rose Bubble tip anenomes
Rusty Gorgonian*
Green and Purple Gonioporas
Pink or Yellow Feather Dusters

Superman Mushroom colony
Marble Reef Starfish

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