Premium Aquatics is back at it again this week with a great shipment of fish, inverts and corals this week!* We have brought in some really cool livestock at some really great prices you would expect.* The standard tank mates such as firefish, bangaii cardinals and yellow tangs are all in stock!* But check out the list below of specials, sales and unique fish and inverts this will want to make it here this Saturday 2/10/18 from 12pm to 3pm.**

Here are the local pickup specials for this Saturday:

Fighting Conch or Tiger Conchs on Special for only $6.99
2 available Male McCosker Wrasse at only $19.99 this Saturday!
1 available Flame angel at $42.99
1 available Blue Fin Watchman Goby at*$23.99

Multicolor Angel at $49.99!!* That's a great deal!* These are for a FOWLR tank but such a beautiful angel.**
Pinktail Trigger - Medium sized, beautiful!* on special for $37.99
Coral Frag Tank - $10 to $30 coral frags are 20% off this weekend!

Plus, check out these other awesome arrivals below or click on the link for a full list!

NEW STOCK This Week:
Cortez Hogfish

Formosa Wrasse - priced great and a stunner!
Red Serosa Dottyback - Way Cool!!
Saddleback Butterfly - Such a neat fish!

African Red Tip Starfish

Green Clown Gobies*
Red Firefish - cheap and active fish!
Sleeper Railway Glider Goby

Copperband Butterfly - Aptasia issues?* Not anymore!

Multicolor Fairy Wrasse
Walking Dendro - Say what?* Yep..this coral will move locations in your reef!

We hope to see you this Saturday at Premium Aquatics from 12pm to 3pm!* There are lots of great deals above for you to take advantage of, as well as many dry goods that are marked way down as well!* Check them out here: