Premium Aquatics has had a Tang-Tastic week here in Edinburgh!* Check out the beautiful list of tangs and more that we brought in this week, just for you.* We have some stunning fish in from the Scribbled Mappa Puffer, the Emperor Angel, Red Toothed and Blue Throat the Copperband butterfly and everything in between!* This is a great week to diversify your reefs with amazing livestock.* Come and check us out this*Saturday 4/7/18 from 12pm to 3pm!

Red Firefish $9.99

Lots of Frags Available for $10 and under!!
Pom Pom Crabs - $9.99 this weekend...only 3 available at this price!
Flame Angels $39.99 this weekend.......only 3 available at that price!

20% off Coral Frags in 1st Tank - Originally priced $10 to $30 each
$9.99 Fighting Conchs

New Arrivals
Juvenile Imperator Angel

Copperband Butterfly

Colored Volitan Lionfish
Scribbled Mappa Puffer
Powder Blue Tang
Red Toothed Niger Trigger
Blue Throat Trigger
Red Mandarin/Spotted Mandarin
Tail Ring Blochii Tang
Lavender Tang
Dark Saddled Erectus Seahorse - These ponies are Amazing Looking and both are eating PE Mysis already!!

Lined Erectus Seahorse

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