The Indiana weather is heating up and so is Premium Aquatics this weekend!* We have turned up the heat in our livestock room with our wild caught fish selection.* Check out the list below with everything from Flame Angels, Flametail Blennies, and Firefish!!* You can surely find that special gift at Premium Aquatics to light up your reefs.* Stop in this weekend from*12pm to 3pm*for all of great deals and new selections.

We will be giving all of the special reefing mothers out there 10% off their LIVESTOCK purchase this weekend.* So stop in to celebrate and spruce up those reefs while you are at it!**

HOT New Livestock Arrivals

FLAMEtail Blenny

FLAMEback Angel

Purple FIREfish

Red FIREfish
Hooded FLAME Wrasse

Other Livestock Standouts
Clown Trigger - Medium sized beauty on sale for $79.99
White Cheek Tang - a Gorgeous hybrid you must see in person

Blue Hippo Tang - Only 1 Available Medium sized Dori....HURRY IN!
Orange Stripe Bristletooth - Newer Addition to the Hobby and so Pretty!
Lineatus Clown Tang - a beautiful addition to a large reef tank
Tono's Fairy Wrasse - a Mother's Day hit for sure!

Specials and Sales
Aquacultured Mis-Bar Ocellaris Clownfish - ON SPECIAL for $5*
Aquacultured Ocellaris Standard Clownfish - ON SPECIAL for $10
ALL Reefing Mom's who make a purchase will receive 10% off LIVESTOCK purchases*this Saturday*5/12....(Liverock and already discounted items not included)
Macro Algae 4 inch bag only $9.99
ULTRA Rock Nems on Sale for $44.99!!* Normally $54.99 each

This is an awesome time for anyone looking to upgrade tanks, swap out equipment, or pick up something you always wanted at a discount.* We have so many clearance and open box items we have ordered in more shelving!* Stop in this weekend and save big on all of your favorite brands.**

Check them all out below:

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