Premium Aquatics will be closed on June 16th for Father's Day, so make sure to stock up this weekend everyone!* We are offering 20% off fish and corals this Saturday 6/9 from 12-3pm.* Premium brought in some great looking euphyllia this week, as well as some really nice zoanthid frags.*Check out some of the awesome finds below and click the link for the full livestock availability.*

NEW this Week - and 20% OFF!!
Flame Angel

Midas Blenny

Rock Beauty Angel
Yellowhead Jawfish
Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse
Orange Back Fairy Wrasse

Standouts and Deals
Clown Trigger (M/L) on Sale for $69.99
Fiji Christmas Wrasse

Midnight Ocellaris Clownfish on Sale for only $20
Pink Tip Elegance Coral
Marble Reef Starfish

(sale prices above do not qualify for additional 20% off)

LOCAL Pickup COBALT TANK SALE!!* Thinking of upgrading tank size?* Or maybe you are looking for an all in one, easy to maintain reef system?* Pick one of these low iron, all in one systems before they are sold out.* Subject to hurry in this Saturday.

We have lots of great deals in the warehouse right now as well.* Check out all of the other savings below by clicking the link!**
20% off Salifert test kits
50% off of Easy Reef Food and Phyto
50% off of Seapora Powerheads
50% off of Innovative Marine Reactors
Real Reef live rock - LOCAL pickup special this Saturday ONLY at 20% off also!!*

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