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    Livestock Update for - Tanks are PACKED!! 8/4/18

    This weekend at Premium Aquatics begins our new Saturday schedule for the remaining of the summer.* And we have some amazing livestock and specials for our customers this weekend!* Stop in for some great $9.99 specials as well as some killer prices on new fish, inverts and corals.* We have a ton of new $10 zoanthids, acans, mushrooms and more this week, new* *coral combo rocks, zoanthid colonies and more.* Here are a few highlights listed below.* Click the link below for the full livestock availability list for this weekend.* You won't want to miss out on these deals...

    New Arrivals This Week
    Angels....Coral Beauties, $39.99 Flame Angels, Flameback, Lemon Peel

    bbcode image

    Tangs...Powder Brown, Naso, Yellow*
    $19.99 Purple Firefish
    Bangaii Cardinals 2 for $29.99
    Yellow Zoster Butterfly
    Black Cap Jawfish
    Flame Hawks
    Copperband Butterfly
    Inverts....Blue Knuckle Crabs, Halloween Crabs, $12 Porcelain Crabs

    Red Mandarin Dragonet
    Red Male Yellow Breast Anthias only $19.99 each

    $9.99 Specials (while inventory lasts)
    Royal Gramma - Wow, Great Price!!
    Tail Spot Blennies - Love these little guys
    2 Spot Blennies - Tons of personality
    Scooter Dragonets - Fat and Happy
    Pajama Cardinals - Great Community Fish

    6 Mexican Turbo for $9.99
    free picture hosting sites
    5 Scarlet hermits for $9.99
    New High End SPS and Zoas are in stock.* Ask Brandon this weekend and he can show you what is available.* We have in new pieces of Pikachu, Cali Tort, Red Bull, Pearlberry, Pac Man, Red Hornet Zoanthids, Scrabmled Eggs, Gobstoppers, Bam Bams and more...get them this Saturday before they go online and save big!
    $5.99 Azure Damsels and Green Chromis!!**
    quick image upload
    Plus our $10 to $30 coral tank is 25% off this weekend....stop in to check them out - there are some nice finds for sure.
    We hope to see you this Saturday 8/4/18 from 12pm to 3pm.* Don't forget we will be closed next weekend 8/11 so stock up this weekend and save big from our amazing list of livestock this Saturday.* We also have lots of great deals on drygoods so make sure to check out the list below to save on some of the top brands in reefing!
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