Premium Aquatics is open this Saturday, 9/15/18 from 12-3pm, and we have a really nice line up of fish, inverts, and corals.* Plus our showroom is full of dry good deals like salt, aquariums, LED's and more.* Click on the 2nd link at the bottom for our Sales and Clearance section blowout deals.* Check out a few of the highlights below and click the link for a full availability.* We hope to see you then!!

Nano Fish
Klausewitz Blenny

Rainford Goby
Two Spot Blenny
Twin Spot Goby
Dracula Goby- rare find, love how they hover
Bella Sleeper Goby- another rare sand sifter

Timor Orange Dashed

Six Line

Line Spot Flasher
Blue Sided Fairy*

Yellow and Purple

Yellow Tang
Clown Tang

Kole Tang
Purple Tang
Sailfin Tang
Tomini Tang

Lot's of Inverts restocked this week.* Hurry in for your clean up crew!* Ceriths, Trochus, Zebra Turbo and Zebra Hermits, Red tip Hermits, Emerald Crabs, Margarita Snails and much more.* We have plenty of peppermint shrimp in...get rid of those aiptasia before the winter!

We restocked our $10 coral section, as well as more euphyllia, small to large green star polyp rocks and more.* We also lowered the prices on our brain coral colonies as well as our scoly corals this week.* Come in and check us out this Saturday from 12pm to 3pm!

Full Livestock Availability List:

Sales and Clearance Section: