Premium Aquatics is back at it again this Saturday, October 6th with our open hours from 12pm to 3pm and we are stocked!* We have an amazing shipment this week of cool fish, unique inverts, and some jaw dropping corals.* Take a look at a few of the highlights below and click on the link for a full availability.* There is surely something for every reefer this week.* Take a look at these stunners below and click the link for a full availability.

New Fish Arrivals
Black Nox Angel

Flame Angels - $39.99 each

Green Canary Blenny $22.99
Midas Blenny $27.99
Black Cap Jawfish - Super cool fish
Yellow Eye Spotted Tang

Yellow Tangs - $39.99 each
Royal Flasher Wrasse - Wow, what a beautiful fish

Katoi Fairy Wrasse - Not common, but very vivid coloration

Pictus Blenny $34.99

Klausewitz's Blenny $19.99

Decorator Spider Crab $8.99
Green Saron Shrimp - very unique
Sexy Shrimp Trio - Great Nano Specimen
White Anenome Crab and Green Carpet Nem Combo

Red and Black Fromia $14.99
White Spot Fromia - straight from the Red Sea, very cool
Red Pincushion - love these bright clean up specialists

Halloween Pincushion Urchin - Just in time for the holiday!

Sweet New Corals
Green Trachy
Green Doughnut Coral
Pink Eye Chalice
PA Copepods are also back in stock and looking really dense and active!!* These are a great way to seed or replenish your microfauna in your reef or refugium.* Stop in today and grab your bottle for $18.99, you won't find a better deal for over 1,000 copepods locally.

We hope you will make a visit this Saturday 10/6/18 from 12pm to 3pm to check out our piece of the ocean.* Premium Aquatics strives to provide our locals with the best selection and pricing around, so come down this weekend to check us out for yourself!