Good news is I have the Dinoís nearly gone. Was able to kick them by the following:

-raised PO4 above 0.1, used neophos from brightwell
-raised NO3 to around 10-15ppm, used neonitro also from brightwell
-put water changes on hold
-added small UV on display, green killing machine. UV will impact those that disperse on the water column at night, such as ostreopsis which is what I had.
-dosed silica daily. This was to get diatom growth to outcompete the Dinoís
-shortened my photoperiod for 2 days when I saw that I was beating them back
-manual removal where you can and blowing them off the rocks and glass after lights out

Looking forward to being able to enjoy the tank soon without worrying about these. My case was fairly mild as I caught it early having dealt with Dinoís before. No coral or fish losses.

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