Premium Aquatics is back at it this first gorgeous weekend of spring!* We have a great lineup of fish, inverts and corals for you this weekend with some unique finds as well.* Check out the list of highlights below.* This is the first time we have seen a Haly's Weedfish Blenny and were able to snag one up for this weekends open hours from 12pm to 3pm on April 6th!* We also ordered in a wonderful batch of aqua-cultured clownfish, gobies, and blennies.* There are a few pre-quarantined fish we will be offering as well including a Yellow Angel, Yellow headed Jawfish, and a Lavendar Tang.* Stop in this weekend for some amazing finds!* We will see you here!

The Unique
Haly's Weedfish Blenny

Guam Chromis pair
Orange Lined Cardinalfish Trio
Helfrichi Firefish - Such an awesome Goby and on SALE

Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse - one of very few pygmy wrasse in the ocean!

The Must Have's
Swallowtail Zebra Angel (Female)

Starry Blenny
Red Sea Male Exquisite Wrasse - Amazing Colors!
Copperband Butterfly

Midas Blenny
Pygmy Cherub Angel
Powder Blue Tang

Yellow Tangs are back in stock - hurry, supply has been limited lately!!

Blue Tuxedo Urchin
Mexican Turbos are back in stock!!
Marble Red Fromia
Pink Pincushion Urchin
African Red Tip Starfish
Chocolate Nardoa Starfish
Hermit crabs, snails and cleaner shrimp back in stock!
New Ricordea Florida and BRIGHT Red Aussie Atomic Mushrooms - WOW!!

Our local customers get $20 off of each box of salt 150g or larger. Donít forget to bring your Livestock Loyalty Punch Card which gives you $25 in FREE livestock. Donít have one yet? Inquire at the register or email Brandon at for more information or to special order livestock.

See you this weekend 4/6/19 from 12pm to 3pm!*
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