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  1. Chase_Nano

    Mixed 60 cube build

    Hi so I have decided to finally open a forum for my new build. Here’s my first predicament Wile moving this tank I broke holes in the internal overflow on accident. Now what I do? I haven’t found any replacement internal overflows that I can silicone and the way this tank is drilled I don’t...
  2. Chase_Nano

    Help what’s happening to my sps????

    One side looks terrible the other looks great I see nothing bothering the one side and all my other acros are doing wonderful I am so confused please ask any questions that can help me figure this out everything has been stable.
  3. Chase_Nano

    Astrina invasion

    Anyone want to let me borrow a harlequin shrimp for a few days I want to take care of 10+ starfish that are in my 20
  4. Chase_Nano

    Brand new build 60 Gallon Build

    Hi I wanted to start a new thread so people would not get confused with my other build the 20 Inv marine tank. This build is a 60 gallon cube so 24 by 24 by 24. I have some stuff ready and some stuff not I have decided I am going to do sand. I have a stand and canopy and will be using 2 mp1s for...
  5. Chase_Nano

    Help Clove polyps I think

    any1 know the best way to get rid of these I would really hate to remove the rock as there is a nem on it so I’m wonder what’s the suggestions before I take that action?
  6. Chase_Nano


    I’ve decided to finally introduce myself. I have been browsing this site for sales but I see this is a nice community so I’m going to introduce my nano tank I’ve been working on for the last 3-4 months check out more on my insta Chase_the_reefer so here it is So I have the innovative marine 20...