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    Best SPS you ever had or wanted

    Orange crush just started showing some orange tips when I raised the par to 400+. It is by far the brightest coral in my tank. When I picked it up @ReefNation, the mother colony was like a homing beacon. I was immediately drawn to it. Polyp extension is crazy good too.
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    Best SPS you ever had or wanted

    Sexy Corals Orange Passion Vivids Confetti Homewrecker AV99 Orange Crush Walt Disney All of these are stunning and have been incredibly hardy for me.
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    Red Sea Max Nano

    Red Sea Max Nano setup for about a year. Mainly SPS dominant. I travel for work and the Alkatronic has been the best investment I made in reefing. I just purchased the reefbot and will be upgrading as soon as they release their dosing unit. SPS coral mostly from Ryan(Rcunning8) a few pieces...
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    Picked up sweet Sps pack

    Thanks Ryan (Rcunning8) for the sweet frag pack! If you haven’t stopped by Ryan’s yet to grab some frags, you are in for a special treat! His tank is one of the most healthy and colorful tanks I have ever seen. It’s like looking at the Griswold’s Christmas lights:) I need to get a orange...
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    Walt Disney Acro order

    ordered a Walt Disney tenuis from one of our sponsors for a great price. It came completely bleached due to a faulty heat pack. They are sending me a new frag tomorrow. I have healed bleached coral before, but sometimes it can take months to get it back on track. It had a few polyps...
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    Removing Selling forum limits

    Hi, Does anyone know how to delete selling threads so I can post a new item for sale? There seems to be a lock on posting since it said I have three threads within 90days. Everything is sold. Can I delete the threads? Suggestions? Thanks
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    New Chaeto reactor thumbs up!

    My most successful tank was a biocube 14 with chaeto in the back chamber lit by a submersible pond bulb 15 years ago. I could feed the tank what I wanted without any fear of algae blooms. All inhabitants were plump and healthy. Water crystal clear with monthly 10% water changes. Then, the...
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    Barely hanging on to reefing....

    Well folks, this is the second time I have managed to wipe out over $1000 worth of sps and lps (bleeding apples,scoly's.)This time my Maxspect 130 failed while away at work and when I came home 4 days later everything rtn'd with only return flow working which is basically no flow. I was so...
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    Lost over a $1000 of high end SPS coral in under a week. I have been keeping reefs for 15 years and SPS for about 5 years and delved into high end SPS this last year. My coral have always shown excellent health and polyp extension along with out of this world color. I was so proud of my tank...
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    IM SR-50 Build

    Hi folks, So I sell my IM fusion 20 to a nice guy and head up north to purchase a IM fusion 30 or so I think. I get all wrapped up in the game and come home with a SR-50 lagoon. Setting it in the spot where the 20 resided and this tank is huge! I'm so use to owning nano tanks, that...