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    Safe Removal of Anemone From Rock Method

    I wanted to share with everyone a way to btas off of rock safely that has worked for me. You only need a large enough acclimation or similar box that you can put the rock the nem is living on into. When I have been ready to move a nem to a new home I put the rock into the acclimation box...
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    Tank Transfer Method TTM Schedule

    Hey all thought I'd share my planned TTM schedule for upcoming new additions to help anyone else out wanting to do this method. Plan on using Prazipro for internal parasites and TTM for ich. This schedule was developed to accommodate a typical work day with all transfers happening outside of...
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    Illinijoe's Red Sea Reefer 350 Build Thread

    I'm done planning everything out. Here's what I'm going with chime in with thoughts please let's hear your ideas! I will post pics as I build it over the next few months. Adding alot of detail so if anyone else gets a 350 they can use this thread to help. Display Tank: Red Sea Reefer 350...
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    Illinijoe's Biocube 29 Part II

    Well I started in April and this is already tank number 3. Having a great time. I hope this is my last tank change for a little while :) Much of the coral is from other members reef tanks so thank you for helping mine look beautiful. I must admit I have an addiction to Zoos & Acans :)...
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    Jebao RW8 in a BC29

    Hey all picked up 2 Jebao RW8s from another member the other day. I haven't put them in my tank yet. Wanted to get your opinion if you think this is too much for a BC29. I was going to put it on the lowest setting and alternate on off. Pretty sure I can't use either wave function or random...
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    Lobo ID and General Info

    Hi all I picked this lobo up this week had a few questions. #1. Anyone know what kind this is? neon green center, primarily reddish ring speckled with green, yellow. #2. Some of the raised bumps on the outer ring are white, is that a sign of bleaching/stress? #3. I tried feeding a pellet by...
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    Six Line Wrasse Color Faded and Splotchy

    Hi all I have a single Six Line wrasse pretty small in size. Before today had uniform color. Now it is really faded and splotchy on 1 side and a little splotchy and faded on the other. it is swimming like it always does and eating like a pig as always. Any ideas on what caused this? I've...
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    IlliniJoe's Biocube 29 Tank Thread

    Wanted to share my tank and build. Will update over time. Thanks to all for the help in getting started. This has been great so far. June 2016 June 12, 2016 Clowns Hosting Anemone for the First TIme Tank and Equipment Oceanic Biocube 29 Ecoxotic Stunner LED 12" strips - 2 White, 2...
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    New Green Bubble Tip Anemone

    Hi all I received a very big anemone from a forum member IHaveCrabs (thanks a bunch) Wanted to post some pics of how it looks so far in my tank and get some feedback on what you all think I should do to help it stay alive in my care. Does it look good/bad? I have LEDs in a BC 29 at...
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    Help ID these Hitchhikers

    Have these 3 items in my tank. I think I figured it out but wanted to verify. Thinking the white thing is a sponge. the green and brown things are the majano anenomes. Could you all share your opinion on these items and if you would get rid of them. Thank you.
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    Seachem Phosnet Opinions

    I know Phosnet is relatively new and I did a search and found no previous threads. Has anyone used this and have anything to say about it? Seems like Seachem products are pretty good so I would expect this one to be as well.
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    Hammer Coral Emergency?

    I had my lights off the last 3 days because I had no air. I turned on the lights today as normal. In the last 30 minutes one of the branches of my hammer coral shriveled up looks very deflated. Anyone know what's going on and what I can do? I already turned the light off. Thanks!
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    Red Flakes growing on Live Rock

    I have these red flakes growing on my live rock. I found a few things on the internet of what they may be but wanted to get your opinions. Please let me know what you think it is and if it is good or bad. Thank you! - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - -
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    Biocube 29 With Overflow and Sump Setup

    Thanks to all who helped out. Providing this in case anyone else wants to do something similar. The gate valve is critical to controlling noise levels as it has much better control vs the ball valve. Tested for power failure and sump can handle siphon from display tank. Final Configuration...
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    Poll: Would you put a biocube 29 on a tv stand?

    I have a nanocube 12 and wasn't comfortable with the stock stand due to tipping over so I bought a TV stand to put under it. I will eventually upgrade the tank probably to a biocube 29. Would you put a biocube 29 on this stand made for a TV? Stand is 32" wide, 20" deep, 30" high with a...
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    New name cube 12 setup

    New nano cube 12 setup Just getting started wanted to say hi and share my tank