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    Premium membership double charge

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    Sea Schor Fundraising and Sale 12/19/2020

    steve is a good dude hope he recovers
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    Ocean Blue Aquatics... Elgin OH YEA this is a MUST SEE LFS

    The owners do a great job of keeping it clean and taking care of their fish good people for sure
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    Moving 75 gallon tank across country

    And congrats on getting out of this pos state
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    Moving 75 gallon tank across country

    You should take the opportunity to upgrade to the dream tank 😀
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    Reef shopping habits

    Id go to the store to get things I need but won’t go to browse
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    A few photos of the tank

    Looking great thanks for sharing
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    Leaky Bulkhead

    Check the bulkhead closely for any hairline cracks as well
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    Hello Chicago Reefers!

    Wow looking really good!
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    Whats everyone using as a CUC?

    I have turbos, Trochus, margarita snails. The turbos eat up algae the best but are big and can’t get everywhere so that’s why I have the smaller snails. I use fighting conchs on the sandbed. I also use a wide variety of hermits big and small. I’m going to look to add more types of inverts in...
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    What's your favorite coral?

    My favorite is the bounce mushroom. Bright colors easy to care for.
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    Are you leaving the Hobby or considering it?

    It’s fun collecting for me.
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    Need some help with my tank

    Biggest red flag to me is your alk if you can slowly work it down to 8 that would be better for your hard corals. However that wouldn’t explain why your fish are dieing. What’s your wc schedule? Provide ammonia readings
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    Logan Featured Reef

    Nice to see a successful filled in mixed reef
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    Welcome back! What do you plan to do?
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    Safe Removal of Anemone From Rock Method

    I wanted to share with everyone a way to btas off of rock safely that has worked for me. You only need a large enough acclimation or similar box that you can put the rock the nem is living on into. When I have been ready to move a nem to a new home I put the rock into the acclimation box...
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    Tank Transfer Method TTM Schedule

    Hey all thought I'd share my planned TTM schedule for upcoming new additions to help anyone else out wanting to do this method. Plan on using Prazipro for internal parasites and TTM for ich. This schedule was developed to accommodate a typical work day with all transfers happening outside of...
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    Illinijoe's Red Sea Reefer 350 Build Thread

    I'm done planning everything out. Here's what I'm going with chime in with thoughts please let's hear your ideas! I will post pics as I build it over the next few months. Adding alot of detail so if anyone else gets a 350 they can use this thread to help. Display Tank: Red Sea Reefer 350...
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    Illinijoe's Biocube 29 Part II

    Well I started in April and this is already tank number 3. Having a great time. I hope this is my last tank change for a little while :) Much of the coral is from other members reef tanks so thank you for helping mine look beautiful. I must admit I have an addiction to Zoos & Acans :)...
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    Jebao RW8 in a BC29

    Hey all picked up 2 Jebao RW8s from another member the other day. I haven't put them in my tank yet. Wanted to get your opinion if you think this is too much for a BC29. I was going to put it on the lowest setting and alternate on off. Pretty sure I can't use either wave function or random...