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  1. wrasse

    Battling Cyano...

    I had a similar issue. I changed my ATO container so as to let in as little outside air as possible. just a place for water in and water out. The ATO container a a plastic dog food container. No more slimy water. I may be mistaken, but I think the RO/DI water may attract dust.
  2. wrasse


    interested in what others have to say. I have a very old good size credit, fish loss, with them and could not pull the trigger to order again from them.
  3. wrasse

    Project Valinor

    Are you curing or sourcing live rock? You could get started with that now and save on time to get your tank up and running. The longer it's cured the quicker you can get through the uglies and have stability.
  4. wrasse


    That's an option I looked at. The Siporax rings seem to be easy to use. You place them in a sump and they remove nitrates. Once in a while you may have to rinse off detritus and if you use to much, ULN, you simply take some them out of your sump.
  5. wrasse


    I was wondering if anyone is currently using Siporax and if they have any insight into their use of Siporax? Also, where a good source to buy Siporax? I have high nitrate 50 ish. I can get nitrate down to 35 or 40 with water 20-25% water change but then it will settle back to 50ish in a week...
  6. wrasse

    Aptasia problem

    aiptasia eating filefish work great I had a pair and sold them here and i think they have been sold a few times again. they work great. You can get a pair from liveaquara also.
  7. wrasse

    Aqueon 33 gallon long vs SR Aquaristik 33 gallon long rimless

    Not Necessary shallow can work. 80 gallon Deep Blue frag tank. 48 inches long and shallow.
  8. wrasse

    Aqueon 33 gallon long vs SR Aquaristik 33 gallon long rimless

    in addition to length you should consider a deep tank. when scared a wrasse will dart up in the water column. Also, you will need a lid because while darting up they will come out of the tank.
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    madjoe seems to know what I like. every time i look at the this thread he is selling something I looked at before.
  10. wrasse

    Corals dying Looking for Plan of Action

    Corals dying Looking for Plan of Action I have a problem with my corals bleaching out and dying and trying to figure out what is going on. Over the past few days I have several corals bleach out and die in one section of my tank. Died Acropora aculeus, Acropora Seriatopora, northern lights...
  11. wrasse

    ATO Auto Top Off Container

    Anyone have any ideas for an auto top off container that is an irregular size? I have a space that is 9x18 (i may be able to do 9 1/2 by 18) to place my ATO container under my stand. The 10 gallon trigger and eshopps ato containers are listed at 10 x 16 Any ideas would be great.
  12. wrasse

    Overflow Issue

    I am having an issue with my 80 gallon frag tank. I have a strong flow through my overflow so when feeding I turn my overflow off to stop food from just going down into sump. Sometimes when I turn it on the water won't flow correctly and fill up the display to the very rim, it would probably...
  13. wrasse

    Anenome Twist

    One of my anemones is acting weird. It looks like it is twisted at the base . The foot is secure on rock but it looks like it's whole body has a twist in the middle almost like a twisted hose.
  14. wrasse

    Anyone Use Reef Breeders Photon-V2 LED ?

    Does Anyone Use Reef Breeders Photon-V2 LED ? I am looking for lights and was wondering if anyone had an opinion on them or experienced using them.
  15. wrasse

    Happy turkey day

    Happy Turkey Day Instead of Turkey eat this. The Turkey of the sea.
  16. wrasse

    Jebao PP-8 Vs. Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6095 which is better?

    Jebao PP-8 Vs. Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6095 which is better? Looking for some opinions on which is better and why. I can get 3 Jebao PP-8 for less than 1 Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6095. I don't have much experience with Tunze, word of mouth is good on products, and I have some Jebao stuff...
  17. wrasse

    Draw on Picture

    What programs / apps are good to use to draw or write on pictures? I have seen where people will have a picture and they can label corals with numbers or names or draw a circle on a picture to localize a point of interest, usually when trying to point out growth or pest. I would like to...
  18. wrasse

    Wrasse Laying on. Side

    Hey guys, looking for ideas what's going on . My yellow tail wrasse is going around the tank laying on his side laying down in the sand but only burying himself halfway. He is pretty thin. My other fish in tank are Doing well. So any ideas what might be going on what might the usual...
  19. wrasse

    heater mystery

    After a water change last night before going to bed I took a look at my apex one last time and noticed my temperature at 81.5 and rising it went above 82 and I thought if I did nothing I would have:dead:. My apex is set at 77-78 degrees it hasn't ever gone above or below that range in almost 3...
  20. wrasse

    get rid of algae in display

    Hey guys, I got an imbalance in something in my aquarium. I am getting a lot of algae growth on my live rock and I'm getting some algae growth on some corals mostly my montipora. I looked at the algae in my display is just part of doing business, having an aquarium. I see tanks on cr that...