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  1. Funlad3

    Funlad3's 45 Gallon 3' x 2' x 1' Acropora Lagoon

    Hi all! I've been madly bored while everything is shut down to mitigate the pandemic, so I finally gave in and decided to set up a build for some random acros. I used to sell commercially years ago back in highschool, and I haven't had a proper tank to grow things out in since. I'm a huge wild...
  2. Funlad3

    Funlad3's 24G JBJ Nano

    Hi all! For those of you who don't know me, I've been reefing for eight years or so, and I've worked in industry on and off for the last few years. I haven't had a display running for four years, and I'm finally going to set up a used LED 24 gallon JBJ NanoCube that I picked up at a friend's...
  3. Funlad3

    Early Black Friday Sale! Fish 35% Off!

    Hi everyone! I'll be coming back to Chicago for Thanksgiving on early Wednesday morning, and I'm bringing fish with me! Prices are heavily discounted as an early Black Friday sale. If you want anything, shoot me a message! I'm asking for a 50% refundable deposit that will be returned if the fish...
  4. Funlad3

    Kessil AP700 - Preorder Now!

    Preorder is now available on the new Kessil AP700 LED Pendant for $895! This brand new fixture offers superior coverage and color blending with the same power and intensity that reefers have come to expect from Kessil! Shipping should be sometime this month, but you'll also immediately get $50...
  5. Funlad3

    New MP40QD: $300, Sort of...

    We've been busy with school for too long; let's get some sales going; from now until October Fourth, MP40 Quiet Drives are on special pricing! Each pump is $350 shipped (the lowest they're allowed to be sold for), but you'll also get $40 of credit to be used on your next qualifying coral...
  6. Funlad3

    New High End Equipment and Free Coral!

    We're proud to announce that we now carry the full product lines for the following companies! All purchases come under warranty, with 10% rewards on livestock orders! We're going to revamp the website with all available products over the next few weeks, but for now, message us with any...
  7. Funlad3

    High End Acro Minicolony Pack: 3 for $180

    Been a busy summer without many things for sale, as we've been acquiring a collection. That being said, it's almost time to head back to Florida for school, so it's time to downsize our colonies. Take a minicolony of the best three for $180. Gorgeous.
  8. Funlad3

    High End Acro Packs: $75

    Wondering where we've been? Busy guarding these gems! We've been focusing more on quality over quantity, and it finally payed off a few weeks ago. After sitting in our tanks for the past few weeks, we can confidently say that these acros are color stable, and they're looking really great... Come...
  9. Funlad3

    Wanted to Share: First Acro of Growout Tank

    Finally brought in our first corals since we came back from Florida for the summer; can't wait to see how this one develops over coming months and years. Acropora florida
  10. Funlad3

    Clearance! 200 Gallon Fish/Coral System, and a 14 Gallon Nano

    My flight landed earlier this evening, and I'm finally back in town and ready to get everything running again! I'm going to be taking a different approach this time around, focusing on acquiring nothing but the best coral broodstock for future propagation, but in the mean time, I need to get rid...
  11. Funlad3

    Florida Shutdown: Homecoming Clearance Pack!

    The year has flown by, and year one of studying Marine Science at Eckerd College is almost through! As we prepare to reopen in Chicago for the summer, we need to put the rest of out Florida stock on clearance! We're going to sell everything in a monster pack at far below wholesale: Here's what's...
  12. Funlad3

    Spring Break Sale! Colonies!

    Everyone knows that I like to do things differently, so as you'd expect (or wouldn't, rather), I'm coming home for Spring Break with a load of coral in tow! Here's what's coming: Aussie Acan Mini Colony: $100 Aussie Dragon Soul Favia: $75 Aussie Rainbow Acan (light morphed it orange): $100...
  13. Funlad3

    2 BTAs, 2 Maxi Minis: $50

    I need these picked up today so that I can break down one of my systems tonight. I have to RBTAs, one red with green the other orange with green, as well as two maxi minis, one with purple and green, the other with green and purple. This is less than I paid for even just the BTAs, let alone the...
  14. Funlad3

    Ascension Breakdown Sale!

    Mods please close and delete. :)
  15. Funlad3

    Trip Down Memory Lane... To Australia!

    We're bringing in a MASSIVE Aussie Coral Order to the end of this week, so in honor of that, here are some of my favorite Aussie pieces we've been able to bring in! As always, if you want to preorder any coral, we can offer a 20% discount. :) If there's anything that you know...
  16. Funlad3

    Weekend Clearance: $7 SPS; $9 Gold Torch; $100 Warpaint

    Good morning, everyone! We may have just brought in huge coral and fish shipments earlier this week, we’re planning an even larger order out of Australia for later this week! With that in mind, we’re going to need to clear out a ton of space by Thursday. Anywho; here’s what we’re doing for...
  17. Funlad3

    Linneatus and Radiant Wrasses are in!

    That's right; our fish shipment is here, and we have some killer wrasses available! We have four African Radiant wrasses, all about 4", for $75. We also have one Australian Supermale Linneatus Wrasse, at a monstrous 5", for $250. All of these guys are eating frozen mysis already. Come and get...
  18. Funlad3

    Call the Optometrist! New Coral will Melt your Eyes!

    I'm heading off to the airport to pick up the new fish in about two minutes, but all of the new coral is set to be automatically uploaded to our Facebook Page throughout the day, so keep an eye on it! We'll upload all of the photos here this...
  19. Funlad3

    Only Fish Order of the Winter!

    All righty! We've had a few requests for fish, and the frag tank is getting a little bit of algae in it, so it's time for our fish shipment that we've been holding out on! Here's how it'll work. Ask us for a fish you want. We'll get back to you on the price and availability ASAP. We'll ask for...
  20. Funlad3

    Winners of the Zoa Growout!

    After almost six months of grow out, we have our winners on the zoa and paly growout! Submissions were valid if there was a picture of the frag posted on the thread by Midnight over New Years. Without further ado: $100 Prize Zoa Contest: Tkroll0321 $75 Prize Zoa Contest: Jep21 $50 Prize Zoa...