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    Par Meter

    Hello CR, I was wondering what folks are using for par meters now days. I thinking of picking up a seneye to use as one. That really the only reason I would even get one. Let me know.
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    DIY Canopy's

    Ok I am at work and bored. Let's see your DIY canopies. If you have them also Let me know what tools you used specifically the saw type. I am going to DIY me a canopy. and I need ideas. Thanks.
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    Leaky Bulkhead

    Hello CR, Does anyone know how to stop a leaky bulkhead? I have unscrewed and re-screwed still leaks. Bulkhead and gaskets are brand new from BRS but I can't stop it from leaking. any suggestions?
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    Dry Sand

    Would anyone happen to know where I can get 160 lbs of dry sand from? Bulk Reef Supply is out of what I was going to purchase which was CaribSea ARAGONITE FIJI PINK DRY SAND 40LBS This sand has a grain size of 0.5-1.5. This is great for wrasses. Let me know of a store thanks. Just FYI I also...
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    Radions G4 vs G4 Pro

    CR, Good morning and happy snow day. The time is getting closer for me to purchase light. I know I am going Radions because my wavemakers and return are Ecotech and I can have one simple control interface. My question is this, What is the difference between the G4 vs G4 Pro? is there a...
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    Are you leaving the Hobby or considering it?

    I see a lot of sale threads. Are you leaving the hobby or considering it? Please share why you are leaving. Thanks.
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    What makes R2R so special?

    Good Morning CR, As you may know, I agreed with the thread "Are we just selling stuff" by Sawdonkey. I wanted to find for one where do we post and it seems like reef2reef is the centered forum for most. So now I want to know why? I know we might not have as many members considering R2R is a...
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    Do you post on other reef sites

    Hello CR, I wanted to get more folks involved in and on Chicago Reefs. As a science major, I am always after empirical data. So my first step into helping the site with interesting conversation is to find out do you post on other reef sites? If so which sites? This is something we can all engage...
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    The Deezill Reef 210

    Good Morning everyone. I have been waiting to post my thread until I was closer tot he finish mark. I changed my mind after reading the thread "Are we just selling stuff" After reading figure why wait until I finish and just drag you guys along with me for this long journey. Let me give you a...
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    Glass Cages

    Anyone ever have work done by these guys? Its time for me to get my sump and I am not going to chance this to my own hands. If you have had these guys build sumps for you post some pics I am curious to see there work. Otherwise, I think I might go with a Bashsea Smart Series 48x18x16. I hate...
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    Good Morning CR, Question for you guys. Where are you guys purchasing your reef tanks from nowadays? I am looking for for something like let us say 240 to 300 standard size. My contractor that is remodeling my basement because of the great flood that happened in may which is another story within...
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    My Chaeto and Pods

    What up CR, Questions for you guys. I got a small zip lock bag of Chaeto from a fellow reefer back in June. It was literally the size of a league baseball now its the size of 1.5 basketballs. I want to prune it (if that is the correct term) trim it but I have pods living in there. How do I trim...
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    Proper Quarantine question

    I am getting ready to purchase a Powder Blue Tang. Should I medicate while in QT or just observe while he is in there and treat if I see something? I will be using Prazi Pro & Seachem Cupramine. i just don't want to medicate if I don't have to. But I will medicate if I am supposed to. Let me...
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    Seeding my tank Need some help

    Hello CR peeps. I am going to seed my tank with some cope-pods. My tank has been running since September 2017. My goal is to seed it for 3 or 4 months with the 5280 pods from Algae barn. I think the ultimate goal is to have a population of pods and on the 1 year anniversary maybe just maybe get...
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    Stocking the Deezill Reef 150

    Hello Chicago Reefers. So Ionce again need your help. The Deezill reef is up and running and everything is running beautifully. I need help stocking the wonderful 150 gallon tank. Though my tank is 150 gallons it is not the 6 foot long type. The dimensions are 48" x 24" x 30. So I am guessing...
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    Sps- id

    hello CR peeps. Care to help me identify a couple pieces of SPS that came from Live Aquaria sps frag pack? Thanks for any help.
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    Hydra HD 52 Setting

    Hello fellow reefers. I have these amazing AI Hydra 52 HD lights and I have no settings for them. While my tank was cycling i would not really turn them on and when I did i ran everything at 1% except red and green which I never turned on. Can someone give me some good Ideas on what settings I...
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    Cycling tank and BRS Pukani dry rock

    Guys I am starting my tanks cycle today. I have 40lbs of BRS Pukani dry rock. I have read some says it need to be cured some say toss it in the tank while tank cycle. I am confused am I to toss it in or cure it? If I am to cure it what do I cure it with? it been sitting in a plastic bag for a...
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    Plumbing Question

    Hello Chicago Reefers, I purchased a Marineland 150 Xtra High tank. This tank came with Plumbing for the overflow portion of the tank and the only thing I have to purchase is the plumbing for tank to sump so in other words I have my drain pipe which will be converted to Durso and I have my...
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    The Deezill Reef Build

    Good Morning Reefers. I hope you had a wonderful long weekend. I think I will share my new build with you on today as I think this will be my dream tank I am building. I call it the Deezill Reff. !.) 150 Gallon Marineland Corner Flow Tank Extra High 2.) RUBY SUMP 36 - TRIGGER SYSTEMS 3.) HYDRA...