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  1. Jep21

    Jep’s Red Sea Reefer 170

    Hello everyone, Im currently setting up a new reef tank. I was getting a little bit tired of the AIO tanks and wanted to try my luck on a complete set up :) Just wanna give a shoutout to shotankaquariums for hooking it up :) Decided to go with a Red Sea Reefer 170 which is my dream tank. Love...
  2. Jep21

    Jep’s Fluval Spec V Reef Tank

    Finally back full force in the saltwater game and if you remember me, I love nano tanks :) and here I go again with yet another nano reef build :) Fluval Spec V 5g Light: Kessil A80 Realreefrock rock Caribsea argonite sand Aqueon 15w heater Vivid creative aquatics random flow generator Coming...
  3. Jep21

    Aptasia problem

    Hello everyone, Recently i’ve gotten the reef bug again after a couple months of just having my tank go on cruise control. As of a couple days ago I finally did a water change and did some tank maintenance and found that I have some aptasia issiues which is the first problem of three I am...
  4. Jep21

    Tricks to getting Mushroom corals to attach

    Hello everyone.. Been out of the game a bit so i need a little refresher.. For mushroom coral what is a good trick to get it attached to a rock or a frag plug? I already lost a mushroom coral once cause i thought it attached but it didnt so im very cautious now lol Pic of the shroom im trying...
  5. Jep21

    IM 40g reef tank

    So after 10 months of being in storage I'm finally gonna be setting up this tank :) Feel like a newbie since its been awhile since I've been on the forum. Still currently running a 20g IM reef tank but its been in auto pilot since October of last year. Hopefully with me setting up this tank it...
  6. Jep21

    IM 20g LPS Dominant Tank

    Inhabitants: 2 Ora Yellow Watchman Gobies with Pistol Shrimp 1 Ora Cardinal Fish 2 Ora Spotcinctus Clownfish Macro Algae: Shaving Brush (Penicillus dumetosus) Red Gracilaria Mermaids fan Halimeda Monile Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Jep21

    Affordable place to get a custom small tank

    Looking to get a small aio frag tank.. Thinking of doing a 12x12x6 frag tank looking at spending aboht $120 or less any suggestions on any local place that does a really good job or even an online retailer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Jep21

    Jeps 55g Planted Community Tank

    My go at a planted tank :) Enjoy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Jep21

    Macro algea loss = parameter instability

    So i had a ton of macro algae in my refugium tank about 6 different types.. I added a abalone and it decimated my macro algae.. Would the abalone eating up all the macro algae be causing a tank swing and causing some sps to stn.. Also i added the abalone cause i had nuisance algae in my sump...
  10. Jep21

    Thoughts on maxspect gyre 150

    So currently in my 40g tank i have 2 mp10's running at 50% and 2 mp40's running at 50% and an ehiem 1260 for my return pump. I will be removing all 4 vortech pumps and replacing it with a single maxspect gyre 150. Was wondering whats everyone's thoughts on the maxspect and has anyone run into...
  11. Jep21

    Looking to upgrade skimmer and return pump.. Suggestions

    Skimmer i currently have is classic reef octo int 160 skimmer and return is a mag 5 Any suggestion for a better alternative to the twi that are silent and produce little heat lmk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Jep21

    Macro Algae Nano Tank

    Hey guys So wifey gave me the green light to start another tank lol (YES!!) So im currently in the hunt for a cheap 10g or less nano. Preferably a aio tank. So my plan is to make this as low of a maintinance tank as possible, doing only monthly water changes or just topping off fresh ro or...
  13. Jep21

    Lighting upgrade for 40breeder

    Hey guys so im debating upgrading my lighting for my 40breeder im not 100% about it yet but im i wanna know ur guys opinion on what im considering.. I currently have a maxzpect razor 180w 15000.. Currently running it 100%blues 60%whites. Im not sure on growth of sps yet since my tank is kind of...
  14. Jep21

    What do guys do to keep ur sump area cool?

    Hey guys so i've been getting a lot of heat in my sump area which is constantly keeping my tank temp above 83-85 i've been able to keep it at 80.5 with my chiller but was wondering what are other ways to keep tanks cool.. i added one of those computer fans and drilled it in the stand.. was...
  15. Jep21

    Noah's 40 Breeder Ark

    So since having a child its been quite a struggle maintaining mutliple tanks. I've decided to finally get rid of my multiple nano tanks and consolodate to one tank. At the start i was having a stand and canopy built for two of my jbj 28 nano tanks all connected to one sump.. After seeing the...
  16. Jep21

    Lighting for a 40 breeder tank

    What would be the perfect lighting for a 40 breeder tank? 2 350w tuna blue kessil or maxspect razor 420r 130 watt 1500 led Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Jep21

    For all the wrasse lovers

    Im hoping to be able to pair these two :).. These wrasses are a beauty :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Jep21

    Thank You!

    Just wanna say thank you for always having awesome deals on amazing corals! Stopped by today after doing my taxes and picked out 4 monti pieces and got a nice millie piece :) thanks again guys and keep up the great work! I'll be sure to stop by again :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Jep21

    Pros and Cons on having a Hang on Back Overflow Box

    So im considering upgrading from my cpm hang on the back refugium to an actual sump/refugium thats about 10 or 20g. Im not considering drilling the tank since the tank is currently running.. Was wondering if anyone that has had experience with hang on the back overflow boxes can give an input...
  20. Jep21

    SPS question

    So in my tank i've been growing my sps very well for a couple months until a couple weeks ago.. Not sure if the amount of sps is way to much for my system to handle or maybe i should dose daily now or maybe its time to upgrade my skimmer due to my bioload but heres the dilema im runnning into...