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  1. fishtank44

    Acan dip?

    hello Reefers which is the best way to dip acan? please let me know thank you and appreciate.
  2. fishtank44

    Wrasses question ?

    Hello Reefers ! I got Yellow wrasse ,pair of potter wrasses , Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse, Scarlet Pin Stripe Wrasse , Radiant Wrasse all those wrasses in current 210 gals reef tank , I would like to add more those wrasses in my tank what will you guys think ? 1- Pink Margin Fairy Wrasse...
  3. fishtank44

    Beautiful weekend.

    My family's and I enjoyed beautiful paradise and nice weather.
  4. fishtank44

    Zeovit Reactor ?

    Hello all Are there any people here running the zeovit Reactor before? if yes how are the corals color results? Please let me know. thanks
  5. fishtank44

    Need to borrow Mantic Shrimp trap

    Can you guys please let me borrow Mantic shrimp trap if available around Chicago,Skokie , Lincolnwood ,Niles some how i got mantic shrimp in my tank thank you all.
  6. fishtank44

    Simon Season

    55lbs fat boy by river in Racine,Wisconsin
  7. fishtank44

    Copperband butterfly?

    My copperband butterfly is 4 inches from noise to tail started nip at my sps I have him in tank around 5 weeks ago no problem at all but last week butterfly nip at lps after I moved all lps out of tank last weekend now butterfly start turn to sps My question is it reef safe or not? Thanks guys.
  8. fishtank44

    photo questions?

    Hi Guys. I do have Canon camera with 18_55mm and 17_300mm lens Mine 18_55 close-up picture corals on top and middle of tank are fine I can't close-up corals pictures from bottom of my tank ,tank deep is 30 inches 17_300 lens is can't help Is it any idea what camera len number to get close-up...
  9. fishtank44

    Par Meter need.

    Hello Reefers i need a Par meter to check mine aquarium under LED lights fixer thanks.
  10. fishtank44

    Who is want to buy sps?

    Nino ( Coladdict) will sell all his sps corals for around $3,000 I am looking for 3 or 4 people's to share those packages 1- fishtank44 2-Troublemaker (out)
  11. fishtank44

    Fishtank 44 New Build 210 gals

    After moved into new house little by little times to build my 210gal all glass with custom stand with alot of help from brother Richard All plumbing by pvc with 75gals sump thank you again brother Richard helped out to plumbing all from tank to sump Here is some pics of my new 210 gals build...
  12. fishtank44

    ID please

    What is the name this zoas ? Thanks.
  13. fishtank44

    Candy Cane bleaching?

    Hello reefer ! my candy cane started bleaching only the single head day after day. bleaching more and more but no touching coral all other coral in tank are ok all are opened thanks for help.
  14. fishtank44

    New Chicagoreefs Member

    Hello all I am new in Chicago reefs and I would like to introduce myself. I'm fishtank44. I have a 55 gal. corner reef tank thanks.