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  1. tinman

    Tinsreef 2.0

    a new thread .. i am getting back in to SPS and thought the old thread is too confusing so why not start a new one and keep it going .. Tank - 50 cube, Bare bottom lighting - Radion G4 pro Skimmer - Reef Octopus Essence S-130 Flow - 2 Gyre 230s and an MP10 oh what fun it is to watch the...
  2. tinman

    Best SPS you ever had or wanted

    hello All i am contemplating ( 95% decided ) getting back into sps after a break of roughly two years :) Tank has been running on auto pilot all this time and will be going thru an overhaul in the next cpl weeks. now everyone has their favorites when it comes to SPS corals, what are your...
  3. tinman

    Any thanksgiving specials ?

    any thanks giving specials ? what are your timing today and tommorow ?
  4. tinman

    Time to change my car

    ok so its finally time to change my car and just seeing if anyone on here has any hookups with the dealers in chicago :) thinking about a Honda CRV .. on the other hand any other suggestions in its class ( CRVs class) thats better than it in terms of economy and maintanence .. on the...
  5. tinman

    GFO - how to Run ?????

    So .. i added a little GFO to my system using a IM Media Reactor. i adjusted it so that i just see a little moment on the top of the GFO ( as i thought it should be ) its being fine for a day but when i check the next day i dont see any movement at the surface .. i thought too much flow...
  6. tinman

    Change of rock - Devils advocate

    So im planning on swapping rock in my tank. the new rock is a lot of tonga + little of fiji .. right now i have it curing in a bucket of rodi water and my thought process is like this. 1. wait till it stops leaching phos and nitrate. 2. bag all the corals and float it in a different tank (...
  7. tinman

    blue headed wrasse

    So i just got a nice and beautiful Blue headed wrasse from Tank it easy this sunday .. and immediately after i got it in the tank My melanaurus wrasse made it his mission to hunt and hurt this guy .. my assumption is Leapard wrasses dont care about fairy wrasses ... i guess im wrong...
  8. tinman

    one of the very few things that makes a grown man cry :)

    but i didnt cry though honestly,almost did when the 4th one gave up .. :pout:
  9. tinman

    Alk consumption per day

    well im looking ( curious) to see what everyones allk consumption is per day ...especially for those tanks packed with sps and using a doser .. ill start Tank size - 50 Cube Corals - sps dominant alk consumption - 1.4 dkh per day Dosing - Use baked baking soda via a doser ..
  10. tinman

    Sps Color Shift ?

    So i aquired this beauty from DJE .. it was one of my fav and is an eye catcher with it beautiful yellow .. this was it in january of this month ... used to recieve very high light and high flow and this is it now .. about a week ago ... any one else had this acro ? and see this...
  11. tinman

    Copperband butterfly and jawbreakers ?

    So i thought now that i only have sps in my main tank i can have a copperband butterfly and picked one .. I totally forgot i have some jaebreaker shrooms in that tank .. Is it ok to have a copperband butterfly and jawbreaker ( well shrooms ) in that tank ? Fish is still acclimating ...
  12. tinman

    Alk from baking soda

    So as per randys alk solution recipe using baking soda .. I used arm and hammer brand baking soda found in walmart and baked 2.25 cups of it at 300F for about an hour Then tried to mix it with rodi water to make a gallon of alk solution .. Does this sound right ? I have been mixing...
  13. tinman

    With Spring and eventually summer comming - Temp Swings lets talk about them

    As the title says, i know most of us maintain the temp of our reef tanks pretty spot on using controllers and chillers and what not .. but what kinda temp swing do you think is ok ? So, 1. What Temp your tank set at ? 2. is there any swing at all ? 3. if yes do you worry about it ? or do...
  14. tinman

    Favorite coral in your tank ?

    as the title says Whats your fav coral in YOUR tank ? you should pic only one .. if you can post a pic of it, it would be awesome. for me if i have to pick only one .. it would be my Garf Bonsai, the way it grows and the ways glows WOW Pic Comming later ;)
  15. tinman

    Anyone in chicago has a qt and can help ?

    As the title says, anyone in chicago has a qt tank ( and ofcourse time and energy) to qt a couple of fish for me ? I will compensate. Please pm Sent from my iPhone
  16. tinman

    Convince me to change to MH ??

    Ok so i have got this itch to try metal halide for a while. I currently use radion g3 pro for lighting and color and growth is nice under this light .. So i was offered a like new giesseman infinity fixture for a good deal and after much deliberation i jumped on it and it would be comming in...
  17. tinman

    anyone uses calcium chloride for dosing calcium ?

    anyone uses calcium chloride for dosing calcium ? as the title says just wondering if there are any consistent users of this Calcium supplement.. i mixed it for the first time last nite and i think its way cheaper than regular calcium supplements i bought so far and its fairly easy so just...
  18. tinman

    Doser Doser what doser

    So i am going to ditch my magic marine Doser and go with something better .. i know lot of you guys had done enough reasearch and know all different kinds, pros and cons of dosers that are available in the market today. i will research some today, but why not a thread and get some insight...
  19. tinman

    New year resolutions :)

    Happy new year everyone .. Let this year make our reefs more beautiful and fuller than last year. So what are your new year resolutions with regards to reefing if any ??;) Mine - 1. Not to spend absolutely any money on coral for the next 6 months ( with the Paypal i sent to mai a cpl hours...
  20. tinman

    algae scrubbers - who uses them and what kind ?

    as the titlee says, algae scrubbers - who uses them and what kind ? im looking at the santa monica hog1 algae scrubber but at $149 plus 15 bucks better be good haha so advantages and disadvantages of the algae scrubbers ?