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    Indo ban done

    I just read an article on Reef Builders that said the Indonesian ban on mariculture corals will be lifted in Monday the 13th. Here's a link to his article if anyone wants to read it.
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    Top Shelf Aquatics in Orlando

    I stopped by TSA before flying home yesterday. This store is a must see if you are ever in Orlando. My only regret is not spending more time there. Its coral heaven! We were lucky enough to get a tour of their farm in back. I was so blown away at everything there that I didn't even pull out...
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    Dvanlier05's 120 SPS Garden

    I never started a build thread when I got my tank going so why not start one now. The tank was started on September 17 2017, about 16 months ago with Dr Tim's fishless cycle, took about 8 days. I use BRS for my 2 part, Red Sea Coral Pro salt, Reef Roids, and FUEL. Equipment 120 gallon...
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    My 120

    So I've been on for a while but never introduced myself and my tank. I'm Dave from Lake Zurich. I've been in the hobby for about 5 years. Just the main points of the system, if you have any other questions feel free to ask or pm. Tank 120 gal with DIY stand and canopy 2 gen 3 XR15, 1 ATI...
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    Lighting neo 65

    I can't decide what lights to go with for my dsa neo 65 pro. It's 36"-20"-21". I'm planning on keeping mostly LPS, and softies, but may do some SPS too. I'm looking at the radion XR30W pro with wide angel lens kit or 2 XR15W pro. Will the 30 with lens really cover 36"-36" or will I get...