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    Yellow tang keeps "twitching"

    I bought a yellow tang from Xzotic this last Saturday, before I chose it I asked for it to be feed and of course was eating like a pig, got it straight from the quarantine tank in the back, drip acclimated him for about an hour, when he went in he went to hiding mode for a bit and started...
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    Need some help!!!

    Hey all I'm attaching some pic of some coral that looks like it's peeling? Not sure if I should describe that way, can anyone tell me based on the pics what exactly is going on?
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    need help with setting up wet dry filter!

    hey all! been living in my new place for 3 months and got the ok to set up a 110 gallon oceanic tank from the wife lol this will be the first time i will use wet dry and in sump skimmer. as far as equipment, i have a 110 gallon tank with built in dual overflows, eshopps wd-300cs, i already...
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    help!! getting a 110 gallon tank with overflows, have a lot of questions!

    Hey all, I'm getting a 110 gallon tank with built in overflows, can I take them off? I've never done a sump, all my equipment in my current tank is hob. Guys I need a advice please!
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    a dear hobbyist needs our help! EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!!!

    Hey guys a friend of mine is leaving town for about two months, I think to be exact he has 120 gal, a couple of cool fish, unfortunately no one will be home to watch them so sadly he has to sell them. I'm posting what he has for livestock I think he's parting his tank, he will be very reasonable...
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    hoevens wrasse, anyone besides me have one?

    Hey guys I have a hoevens wrasse I've been having for a year, this guy is 5 inches now, very colorful. Has anyone had one before or has one? If so, how does yours act with other fish? One day to another he started hiding all the time, would come out only during feeding time, he was in a 55...