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  1. Pawel

    Green carpet anemone ate my clowns

    Anyone ever had carpet anemone eat pair of expensive clownfish? Mine did. Pair of Mocha Storm clownfish are gone.
  2. Pawel

    Apex WAV Dual Pumps - Neptune Systems

    Anyone ever used Apex pumps on a 4-foot tank? Would you recommend switching from gyres to Apex pumps?
  3. Pawel

    Do you know the name of that coral?

    Can anyone help me recognize that coral? The branches are blue and green with yellow polyps. Thanks
  4. Pawel


    OCTOBER 2018 MAY 12, 2019 MAY 20, 2019 OCTOBER 17, 2020 TWO YEARS OLD
  5. Pawel

    Magnesium question

    What brand of magnesium are you using for dosing?
  6. Pawel

    Banghai Cardinal has white bumps coming from under its gills

    My two Banghai Cardial has some withe bumps coming from under the gills. Do you guys know if its some disease? I had those fish in my tank for over a year with no problem.
  7. Pawel

    Neptune Apex - season settings

    Does anyone know where I can set up "season" on the new Neptune apex system? I can't find season settings anywhere. Some people on the blog say that the new Neptune system has no season settings.
  8. Pawel

    My instagram page

    Im new to instagram and I decided to make it all about my reef tank. Look me up and share your page. blue_reef_aquarium
  9. Pawel

    Aqua Illumination lights price dropped across the web

    AI just dropped prices on lights. AI Prime HD $167.99 and AI Hydra 26 are $293.16. Just FYI.
  10. Pawel


    Does anyone know where I can rent par meter in Chicago?
  11. Pawel

    Wojtek's reef

    I went to Wojtek's Reef the other day and picked up some corals. Look at that beauty green goniopora. Looks real good next to my red goniopora.
  12. Pawel

    Free sump

    free 20g sump. Pick up chicago N/W side.
  13. Pawel

    Who's your sand sifter?

    I'm just wondering who's your sand sifter. I just purchase blue dot sleeper goby and he's pretty good at sand sifting. He stays close to the bottom and do not make too much of a mess.
  14. Pawel

    Need some help.

    I'm getting those small white tubes with kind of small spider web coming out of them. Do you guys know how I can get rid of them?
  15. Pawel

    My new "Sun reef tank"

    I finally upgraded my bow front 72g to 87g rimless. I also upgraded my lights to 2 ocean revive T-247B and my wave makers to 2 Maxspect gyre 230 with new controller. For skimmer I'm using new Aqua Excel EC15 with capacity up to 130g. In refugium I have Cheato algae with Kessil H80 light and...
  16. Pawel

    Baby Banggai Cardinalfish are here :)

    My male just dropped 20-30 baby banggai cardinals out of his mouth today.
  17. Pawel

    Red Sea Reefer 350 (refugium question)

    For the third time I'll be upgrading my reef tank to RL for cleaner look. My question is about red sea reefer 350 refugium. From what I can tell its not design to have refugium. Is any one here has 350 with refugium? Do I have to get new sump? Sun sun came out with good rip off of red sea 350...
  18. Pawel

    Reef tank background black or blue?

    If you guys had a chance to start over again with your reef tank would you pick black or blue background?
  19. Pawel

    JBJ auto top off

    I'm currently using JBJ auto top off with TOM Aquarium Aqua pump for my tank. I returned my fist JBJ auto top off because it was working kind of funny. The second one works the same. Sometimes when the pump light is on there is no power to the pump. Today when I came back from work my sump...
  20. Pawel

    Free flame angel fish

    My brother recently bought flame angel fish. The fish likes to nip on corals and now he wants to get rid of it. Let me know if you want it. About 2.5 inches long. Chicago NW side. Thanks.