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  1. Pawel

    Where are you guys,are we ok?

    Summer is over, people will be more active here you'll see. Covid-19, Biden stole the election. Just checking if we get covid-19 pop up info and fact checker here lol.
  2. Pawel

    Current USA lights

    I think bta are more on the sps side. They like that 350 par.
  3. Pawel

    Current USA lights

    Should be ok for LPS
  4. Pawel

    Current USA lights

    48 inch?
  5. Pawel

    Current USA lights

    How big is your tank?
  6. Pawel

    Current USA lights

    Good lights but they don't produce much par. I had them on my 72g bow front tank (I still have them somewhere in the closet). They are good for shallow tanks. When I have some time I cant trow them on my 90g to check the par.
  7. Pawel

    3D print

    I can, PM what you need.
  8. Pawel

    Here I Go Again

    Your tank looks thirsty, gave him some water.
  9. Pawel

    Spam messages

    12 new members today, all of them have 3 digit numbers after the name. More spam messages to come.
  10. Pawel

    Spam messages

    Don't click on any links from those people. I'm getting messages at least once a week.
  11. Pawel

    How Long Have You Been in the Hobby?

    4 years and that's my 3rd tank. Started with 32 bio-cube after 4 months upgraded to 72g bow front and one year later upgraded to 90g rimless.
  12. Pawel

    Any clownfish breeders here?

    Check out "robert king’s clownfish" on facebook. You can learn how to breed clownfish, he has lots of videos and livestreams.
  13. Pawel

    PM sent

    PM sent
  14. Pawel

    Fish recommendations

    I have learned that you need fish that will do some job for you. Here are my two cents. Cleaner wrasse - will keep your fish healthy and will cleaning any parasites off your fish, Copperband Butterfly - will take care any aiptasia in your tank, Fox face tang - will eat bubble algae, Any sand...
  15. Pawel

    Back after 15 years

    Welcome back. I like what I'm seeing. Looking good.
  16. Pawel

    Help with light repairs Those should be more than enough for your 40 gallon. Can't beat the price too.
  17. Pawel

    Help with light repairs

    You always need to have back up lights. I never sold my ocean revive lights when I bought Radions and T5 combo. Buy some cheap used lights here on chicago reefs as back up and then sent those to get fixed.
  18. Pawel

    Coral Wonderland Charity Frag swap!

    In November?
  19. Pawel

    My 210g tank

    Welcome to Chicago Reefs!!!
  20. Pawel

    Green carpet anemone ate my clowns

    Thanks for kind words everyone. My nem had $200 dinner.