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    Free 40 breeder sump

    Free 40 breeder sump. Pickup in sycamore or can possible meet up in the western burbs on saturday mornings.
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    Reefapoolza This Weekend - Huge Bashsea Sale

    Come join us this weekend at Reefapoolza at the Schaumburg Convention center. We have partnered with Bashsea and will be selling off the entire booth at massively discounted prices. If you are looking for a new sump, media reactor, protein skimmer or ATO container this is the time to buy. We...
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    Premium membership

    Sorry let me look into this for you. I should be able to figure this out this evening We appreciate your support of the website. Sent from my SM-G781V using Tapatalk
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    Sea Schor Fundraising and Sale 12/19/2020

    I have sad news to report Steve Schor owner of Sea Schor has passed away. He was a great friend of mine and he will be missed dearly. He taught me a ton of things in this hobby and the aquarium business. I probably would not have the company I have today without his support. Please see below for...
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    Sea Schor Fundraising and Sale 12/19/2020

    Steve Schor @ Sea Schor Saltwater Environments Has had a great showing of love and support and we thank everybody We decided to extended the protein skimmer giveaway to this upcoming weekend to allow everybody a fair opportunity to make it out I have had a chance to organize ALL the main...
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    Holiday Giveaway #8 Aquarium Overload 24" Tweezers We have them on our site or a number of local fish stores stock them. Shipping is free from the site. Blue line coral, Sevens Sea, and Tank it Easy all have them in stock.
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    Holiday Giveaway #7 Aquarium Overload Clownfish

    PM me and I will get you setup Thanks
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    2020 Frag Swaps

    2020 events, this list will be updated throughout the year ********************************************* -1/18 Madison, Wi-Mars -1/18 Cincinnati, Oh-Crks -1/18 Lancaster, Pa-Tfp -1/19 Lansing, Mi-Michigan Coral Expo & Swap-Mmmc -1/25-26 Simpsonville, Sc- SE Aquatic Expo -2/8 Lakeland...
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    Dry Sand

    I should have bags of the live sand version next week in 20 lb bags. Im just waiting to hear when it will be shipped to me
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    Scratch and Dent Bashsea Items Available

    We have some items that were used on display at aquarium shows that have some scratches or marks on them. Overall they are in nice shape just can't sell them as new so this is your shot for some good discounts 6x11 Mad Rack 1 Blue and Black 1 Red and Black $20 Each 11x11 Mad Rack 1 Blue and...
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    New Skunk Clowns

    Thanks to Fabio at Sevens Seas for these amazing wild caught skunk clownfish. They are going into our breeding program. If you are looking for fish Seven Seas is the place to go.
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    Need some help with my tank

    Are you using RO/DI water? Have you checked your phosphate levels in your newly made saltwater? I had a weird issue where my new water was actually high in phosphates and when i was diing more water changes my tank was actually getting more algae.
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    POTM Poll

    Unfortunately Tapatalk will not support polls in our forums software. We have been complaining for a long time and they will not fix tapatalk.
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    BSI Glue 50 Gram tubes now available

    If the standard 20 gram tubes of BSI super glue gel are not big enough for you we now have the new 50 gram tubes now available. If interested we offer some of the best prices of glue on the internet. Message us for details...
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    Featured in Magazine article

    We were featured in our local banks quarterly magazine along with Rod from Rods food. Read the article to find out more about our two businesses. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Gold flake Maroon Pair Spawned

    Our Goldflake and gold nugget maroon pair spawned. We hope to have babies available soon.
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    New Bashsea Shipment Just Arrived

    Another Bashsea order just arrived. Sumps, pellet masters, ato containers, media chambers and more. All available on our website. Free shipping or local pickup available.
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    New Reef Ready Racks Now Available

    Aquarium Overload Reef Ready Racks are the high end option for coral frag racks.* These frag racks are designed to be "reef ready" and put directly into your reef and blend in.* Made from high quality durable plastic resin, hand painted and clear coated.* These frag racks have heavy duty magnets...
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    Bashsea Mad Racks

    I have 5 Bashsea Mad Rack 11x22's that were damaged and repaired. They all had cracked legs or a broken leg that was rewelded. After the repairs they are solid and work fine. Selling for $45 a piece. These normally run $70 to $75. Never seen water. If interested pickup in Sycamore or...
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    Fish room progress update.

    We have made a lot of of progress with the fish room this year. We are up to 60 tanks and around 1800 gallons of water. We added a full quarantine system as well. This coming year we are planning on adding a 120 gallon larval system, 200 gallon grow out and 93 and 60 gallon display setups...