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    Reef tank Maintenance services?

    Does anyone use or have any recommendations for reef tank maintenance services in or near St Charles IL? I will be gone for a few months and my family isn’t able to help out beyond cleaning the glass due to 2 little kids. Ideally I would like to hire someone who can keep up with my maintenance...
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    Theiling Compact Roller Mat: replace the new roll fast!

    On my red sea reefer 750xxl, I relocated my sump to my basement. I went with the Theiling Compact Roller mat, and due to my flow being higher than the recommended rate I end up having to change my roller pad every 15-20 days. It definitely pulls out a significant amount of detritus, but my...
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    Abyzz pump review

    Lots of videos around the internet on these, so I'll keep this review short. I've got the Abyzz A200 and have been running it since January. Huge fan of the pump, works great going over 13' from my basement into the tank. Variable speed, love it! The 10 year warranty is what sold me on the...
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    Tank lift - anyone around this Saturday?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but anyone free this Saturday afternoon to help with getting my 160 gallon up on the stand? I'm in St Charles. Could easily provide pizza, beers, maybe even frag out some of the things I got growing in the 90gl. I figure, pay it forward in case I...
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    Eric's Red Sea XXL 750

    Here is my new build thread for my RedSea Reefer XXL 750! I currently have a 90gl that I've had up and running for over a year now. Love the tank, but after a year of lugging buckets up the stairs, a few water spills, and a loud overflow, I decided I had enough of a reason to build out a new...
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    Clownfish redecorates tank

    I picked up a croc island scoly from todays frag swap, and I'm not sure if my clowns like where I put it. I've seen them push snails and hermits around. They are the only fish in the frag tank, and are pretty territorial over what goes into or near that corner of...
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    Eric's 90

    Hi! Thought I'd finally share some pictures of my 90 gallon reef system. The tank hits it's 1 year anniversary this month and corals are finally starting to grow. Coral photos: Tank setup photos: