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  1. Mjl714

    Gingerbread tropical fish and coral

    Any been to store in Naperville, if so what you think?
  2. Mjl714

    IO 200gal boxes $33

    On Amazon.
  3. Mjl714

    RO Membrane performance appears to decrease prematurely

    New Dow Filmtec 75gpd membrane initially reduces tds as expected to 3-6 from tap water of approx 150-155. Around the 4 month mark tds goes up to 10-15 (only 90% rejection rate) doesn’t make sense. Facts: Tap water temp generally 60-70 degrees Coralife 50gpd unit upgraded to 75gpd. Recently...
  4. Mjl714

    MKL’s Innovative Marine 30l

    We decided to upgrade our 20g to a really nice IM Nuvo Fusion Micro 30l. It arrived a little scary looking, the exterior box had a pretty big tear, a sign of abuse, this made me nervous.
  5. Mjl714

    ATO, Tunze Osmolator 3155, cudos

    Last night, Return pump stopped, overflow continued down into sump, where ATO water level sensors are located, Tunze sump is to full indicator triggered, alerting me that the return pump had stopped, awesome. Replaced return pump in short order.
  6. Mjl714

    Trio of new clownfish.

    Cool visit with Superfish Thanks Chris
  7. Mjl714

    Freshwater angel, great specimen, free

    Let me know if you're interested.
  8. Mjl714

    Heaters, what do you prefer, why?

    I've got a couple of the Cobalt Neotherm's, I'm a little nervous about them based on reading about some failures. The only reason I have them is after years of successful and dedicated ebo jager use, I got one that was not very stable, so I decided to try the electronic circuitry of the Neotherms.
  9. Mjl714

    Refractometers, what do you prefer and why?

    Mine can be challenging to read, so I'm considering a change, and I'd like to know what everbody likes and why?
  10. Mjl714

    Nano Reef 20 gallons

    Have owned various aquariums most of my life, but fairly new to reef keeping. Wife was suggesting we setup a smaller reef tank in kitchen, no less in front of a window. Sounded like a challenge, and I wasn't going to let the suggestion get cold, so we were off and running. Started tank...
  11. Mjl714

    Humidity with larger tanks

    What are you guys with larger tanks doing with the resulting household humidity?
  12. Mjl714

    Stand cabinet lighting, auto on

    Thought I'd share, installed cabinet auto on lighting. When i open the cabinet/stand door, the lighting goes on. Found some puck lighting at home depot, and combined with door activated light control, beautiful. Pucks really discrete on underside of stand. Has made my life easier.
  13. Mjl714

    Joined CR !

    Looks like a great place to learn and share reef keeping ideas. I've been in the hobby a long time, in the last couple of years focusing more on reefing, but still keep a FOWLR. Curently have three tanks. Two 75g's one reef recent start and second FOWLR. Third is a 20g reef in the kitchen...