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  1. Sawdonkey

    1-551-333-9381 tried to scam me BEWARE !!!

    But do you want the torch🤪? JK, it’s already spoken for. Thanks for the heads up on the scammer. Another reminder here….Don’t post your phone number on the forum. If necessary, only exchange numbers via DM.
  2. Sawdonkey

    Reef Inspired Cocktail Lounge Coming to Lakeview (Belmont/Sheffield)

    Looks pretty cool. Looks like they will have 7 reef tanks put together by Tank it Easy. I can't wait to taste their "Skimmer Cup" signature cocktail! Story Here
  3. Sawdonkey

    Nori shelf life

    What brand do you feed your fish? I get “far edge aquatics” off Amazon. $23 for 5.1 oz…which is a lot. Also, what brand do you eat? I get overwhelmed a Jong Boo there are so many choices. I could spend an entire day in that place but my wife and kids are always waiting in the car when I run...
  4. Sawdonkey

    240 Gallon Build

    New year new tank…. Is finally in place.
  5. Sawdonkey

    240 Gallon Build

    Thanks. I’m going to cladd it in 12 inch cabinet panels to match the cladding that will go on the stand. It is exactly the width of the tank. Since I posted that pic, I be added light. Add, so it’s not as clean looking…but not too bad. If I weren’t going to class it, I’d run the bars within...
  6. Sawdonkey

    240 Gallon Build

    Yes, it would fairly easy. And most places will make all of the cuts for you. Knowing what hardware to use would probably be the hardest part, but it’s not rocket science. The pros at Framing tech drilled and inserted high-quality fasteners, but you’d need a pretty good drill press for that...
  7. Sawdonkey

    240 Gallon Build It was my first time working with this stuff, so I learned a little along the way. I had Framing Tech build my stand for the new tank, but that was pretty pricy ($1,800). They drill and insert heavy connectors that is above my ability. I thought I’d DIY the light rack. It’s...
  8. Sawdonkey

    240 Gallon Build

    Built the light rack tonight. Notice the lack of wires….I’m doing things right this time. Gotta fill in that former can light hole
  9. Sawdonkey

    What is it

    Looks like sponge, some of which is dead? I assume you found this in a dark place in your rocks?
  10. Sawdonkey

    240 Gallon Build

    I’ve moved, got a new tank, realized it wasn’t big enough for me, and now have a new tank in my possession. Stay tuned for my next build…….72 X 32 X 24. I had this tank made by Crystal Dynamics about four months ago and it showed up today. Now I have to get it in my basement and on the...
  11. Sawdonkey


    I’m going. Sharing a table with a friend and will be slinging frags.
  12. Sawdonkey

    Sawdonkey’s 210 Build #2

    Here’s the whole deal…
  13. Sawdonkey

    Sawdonkey’s 210 Build #2

    I’ve half-assed my tank for a bit now and it’s had some ups and downs. I’ve lost some stuff, and also collected some new stuff. Tank is currently on the upswing.
  14. Sawdonkey

    Low dkh

    You could also add Kalk (pickling lime at the grocery store) to your topoff water. Are you growing coraline algae? It uses up alk and cal. If you feel like learning. Keeps your ph up too. I swear by it for my tank. Do you want to buy a calcium reactor? Ha...
  15. Sawdonkey

    Where are you guys,are we ok?

    I’ve dropped off because I’m just crazy busy with work and kids. Because if that, my tank has suffered a bit (nothing catastrophic) and I don’t have much to say about it. I can barely find time to keep the glass clean. When my tank looks like crap, I have a hard time reading forums because it...
  16. Sawdonkey

    How Long Have You Been in the Hobby?

    Got my first FOWLR tank in 1998. Took it to college with me and moved it every year, sometimes multiple times per year, from apartment to apartment. Did the same thing when I moved to Chicago and moved almost every year. Bought a condo in 2011 and knew I’d be more settled. That’s when I...
  17. Sawdonkey

    Waterbox 270LX

    Coming right along. Nice fish choices. Good luck with the Achilles. I hear they can be tough.
  18. Sawdonkey

    Sawdonkey’s 210 Build #2

    And some non-stick stuff
  19. Sawdonkey

    Sawdonkey’s 210 Build #2

    One some OGs:
  20. Sawdonkey

    Sawdonkey’s 210 Build #2

    Some of the newer stuff: