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  1. Mjl714

    1-551-333-9381 tried to scam me BEWARE !!!

    Nice, thanks for post. Crooks!
  2. Mjl714

    MKL’s Innovative Marine 30l

    Took some interesting pictures of the nems, before the lights come on.
  3. Mjl714

    Reef Inspired Cocktail Lounge Coming to Lakeview (Belmont/Sheffield)

    Sounds like a tasty cocktail, haha.
  4. Mjl714

    Tank rebuild/upgrade

    Bummer to hear. Any idea what happened? How are the nems?
  5. Mjl714

    240 Gallon Build

    Looking great!
  6. Mjl714

    Tank rebuild/upgrade

    Very nice, she’s a beaut. Good to hear your tank is doing well.
  7. Mjl714

    240 Gallon Build

    Your light rack looks fantastic, love low profile and how clean it appears. As far as the build of the light rack, is it simply the same length and width of your tank or based on something else? Other than your aggravation with Orphek, why the Coral Cares?
  8. Mjl714


    Tank is looking great. How do you like the bare bottom? What lighting are you using, and whats with what appears to be sunglass arms in the lower right side of tank, second picture?
  9. Mjl714

    240 Gallon Build

    Looks very nice.
  10. Mjl714

    240 Gallon Build

    Unfortunately no on the hired muscle. Looking forward to your build.
  11. Mjl714

    MKL’s Innovative Marine 30l

    Rainbow bta garden in full bloom with and without 20k light filter.
  12. Mjl714

    Tank rebuild/upgrade

    As you can see that is my preference. One more protection to keep the nems safe.
  13. Mjl714

    Tank rebuild/upgrade

    Setup is looking good. When your tank is ready for a nem, if you like rainbow bta’s I’ve got them for $30.
  14. Mjl714

    4.8G Deskmate reef

    Nice looking setup, I have a couple of AI Prime HD’s on my tank and use this light schedule. SPS, LPS and nems appear happy. Par meter rental would probably get you the best lighting levels for your tank.
  15. Mjl714

    Xmoji 57 Gallon Reef Tank

    Beautiful corals and fantastic pictures.
  16. Mjl714

    My 40 gal breeder build thread

    How’s this tank doing?
  17. Mjl714

    Waterbox 25 peninsula build

    Is the WB 25 an AIO?
  18. Mjl714

    Just caught a Eunice worm

    Wow, nice catch. Thanks for the offer, I’ll pass.