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    DD 300

    It looks like the bumpy road was worth it.
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    Local Fish Stores - Chicagoland (Updated July 2021)

    I came on to mention Big Fish Aquarium, but I see Xmoji beat me to it. I grabbed this from the search engine. Located in: North Oak Shopping Center Address: 6816 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60707 Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 3 PM Phone: (773) 295-5175
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    Tropic Marin Pro Salt

    The blue bucket is great. My alk is 8.5 the way I like it cal is great I do like my Mg higher than 1350 more like 1450 so I supplement from time to time. Blue bucket mixes fast I have no complaints. I started using it after and ICP test recommended Tropic Marin which I tried but I did not want...
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    Tropic Marin Pro Salt

    I saw this on BRSTv and thought to myself I am glad I use Red Sea Blue Bucket.
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    Low dkh

    I know you are using Seachem but I would definitely try something else that is directly responsible for alk. I suggest trying Soda Ash at least once and looking at results then. I know you might like Seachem but I am old fashioned when it comes to the chemistry of water. I personally think you...
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    Low dkh

    maybe you should try something that is a tad more potent that only raises alk. I recommended Soda Ash. I don't even see Seachem fusion for a supplement on the alk calculator. The calculation on BRS alkalinity calculator is only for the products they have listed.
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    Low dkh

    1.) If you could answer a couple of questions maybe I could help. What size tank do you have? 2.) You said calculator, which are you using? I don't know much about Seachem fusion and I am sure it is a fine product but maybe you should try something that will focus on all only like Soda Ash or...
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    I'm in the giving mood :-)

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    ReefWise LFS

    Where is ReefWise Located?
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!
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    Video of your tank

    would you be able to send the raw footage? Send it directly from the device you recorded it on?
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    Video of your tank

    I am coming up with new formats for my Youtube channel. If you are interested send me some video of your tank so I can show it off on a segment. inbox me if you have more questions. Thanks.
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    Drilling a 210

    I got my 210 from them that was Reef Ready so I would not have to worry about drilling
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    Middle School Principal

    This was the exact AIO I was thinking of.
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    Middle School Principal

    I am also gonna pick up an AIO for my office. I was thinking of a 30g what do you guys think?
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    Bulk Reef Supply Acquires Marine Depot

    Let's just hope they stay away from Premium Aquatics.
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    6ft Shallow mixed reef

    Great video
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    Hello everyone

    Turbo snails eat that stuff I think. most will you to remove most of it by hand as much as you can. Some will also say what are you nitrate and phosphate which could be responsible for the algae. Then they will go on and say feed less. Well, I say if you can get a refugium and grow chaeto and...
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    300 gallon financial sinkhole

    This is exciting more pics please lol.
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    Battling Cyano...

    When using the MB7 did you turn off skimming and other filtration? I use it too and it does help with the brown stuff. However, for Cyano, I use Chemiclean to knock it out of the park. Let me know about turning off filtration when using MB7. I hate having to turn off filtration for four hours...