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    My 40 gal breeder build thread

    I noticed you drilled your overflow hole kind of low which has me wondering what kind of overflow set-up you're using! The tank looks great, healthy looking corals, nice colors!
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    Waterbox 270LX

    Congratulations! The tank looks awesome, looking forward to following the build!
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    I'd be interested in the tomini, the file fish, and at least the Cardinal if you still have them...

    I'd be interested in the tomini, the file fish, and at least the Cardinal if you still have them please feel free to call me at 630- 290-1275 Thanks!
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    Best 10 gallon lighting

    I bought a strip LED from Latin Reefer for my son some years ago that's still running his ten gallon reef today. Unfortunately it doesn't have a name on so hopefully if Latin Reefer sees this and remembers the manufacturer he will post it here.
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    Tank Sale

    FYI: Petco has Aqueon 40 gallon breeder tanks on sale for $54.99
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    Tropic Marin Pro Salt

    Wow that's so sick! How does a company like Tropic Marin put their reputation on the line like that? The crashed tanks will definitely set them back, news in our hobby travels fast, it could even ruin them! I, like I imagine most of us, don't really test newly mixed water for much more than...
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    Spam messages

    IMHO a mandatory $10 membership would stop all the spam immediately and put us all on a much more level playing field!
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    I'd planned on going today then my youngest only daughter Ashley went into labor at 3am this morning and delivered my third grandaughter Rori Rai Samson at 11:35, which made me so happy and excited I forgot all about Reefapaloza until just now when I read this post! 😁
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    ideas for a skimmer for a 180 heavy stock

    The new SeaChem Aquavitro Division Skimmers are amazing, they have 3 models, 125, 250, & 500 the numbers correspond to gallons they're built to handle. They're powerful, well built, relatively inexpensive, plus they have a small footprint!
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    Back after 15 years

    Looks like you're off to a really good start! Welcome back!
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    Green carpet anemone ate my clowns

    That stinks! Sorry for your loss! I've heard of this before though I believe it's rare. Have you been feeding the nem since you took over posession? Was your friend feeding the nem silver sides or other fleshy meals?
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    Giveaway: Finnex Digital Heater

    Nice looking heater, good features, and reasonably priced. I'll have to try one on my next build!
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    7th Holiday Giveaway 5 Gallon Bashsea ATO Container and Icecap Auto Top Off Controller

    Enter me please. Thanks and Happy New Year Everyone!
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    5th Holiday Giveaway Your Choice Aquatics EW-25 Wavemaker

    Thanks for all these amazing giveaways! I hope it convinces more people to join this awesome community!
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    Day 4 Holiday Giveaways Hanna Ultra Low Nitrate Checker

    Please count me in. Thank You!
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    Holiday Giveaway #1 Blue Line Coral $50 Gift Card

    Awesome give aways thanks again!