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  1. Bowhunter4250

    DD 300

    Thank you much , i appreciate the kind words
  2. Bowhunter4250

    DD 300

    Thank you very much , i appreciate it greatly . The glass was dirty in these pics , i just snapped them because someone else asked me for a pic... i cant count how many times i wanted to shut this down and say FUCK IT ! im done !! the top down look is better than the front view as you can...
  3. Bowhunter4250

    DD 300

    Thank you ;) ....... very much appreciated , its been a long bumpy road
  4. Bowhunter4250

    DD 300

  5. Bowhunter4250

    E-Marco 400

  6. Bowhunter4250


    I started my 300 with siporax , ended up taking it all out as it did exactly what you need ....... removed No3 , i was stripping every ounce of nutrients out of my water , now granted i was using WAYYYY too much , it does work very well but takes time ..... 1litre will filter 265 gallons , i...
  7. Bowhunter4250

    aotomatic weekly water changes

    Just got my system all running and programed for a 15 gallon weekly water change thanks to my son Mark Dennis ! works awesome !! i have a 180 gallon display and a 210 gallon 8' basement sump , under my sump i have a 55 gallon tank for top off and a 75 gallon tank that holds my pre mixed " fresh...
  8. Bowhunter4250

    Sea chem pond matrix

    Has anyone used or using this product in their systems to control nitrates ? thoughts ? its the same as sea chem de-nitrate just in a larger volume thanks
  9. Bowhunter4250

    black and white clutch of eggs

    not sure if anyone is interested but i have my pair of black and white clowns that laid another clutch of eggs and look pretty close to hatching , they will not survive in my reef , if anyone is interested in these or can save them from being fish food let me know ... willing to trade for...
  10. Bowhunter4250

    green algae in my frag tank only

    i have a huge green algae problem in my frag tank only ?? this is connected with my display and my fuge and everything else .... lighting is T5 4 bulb blue and purple plus bulbs. i check my NO3 and its checks zero , nothing in my display or anywhere else ??? why would i have such a bad algae...
  11. Bowhunter4250

    ecoBAK pellets

    anyone using these pellets to reduce PO4 and NO3 ? wanted to try these in place of GFO but have never used pellets feed back , info ... thanks
  12. Bowhunter4250

    Led for macro algae

    Was just curious to know if anyone has successfully grown macro algae in a fuge with just blue led light ? I have some going now with a fixture over it and only the blues on .... Good... Bad .... Need both white and blue ? Thanks
  13. Bowhunter4250

    Booster pump

    Looking for a good booster pump for my RO/DI BRS 6 stage unit Any reccomondations ? Thanks
  14. Bowhunter4250

    Flat worm exit

    So on Sunday I treated my tank for a bad problem with red planera flat worms .. I have a total water volume of approx. 260 gallons I used the whole bottle from advice from many trusted reefers . Sucked out as many as I could be often and after , a few hours later I noticed most of my SPS turned...
  15. Bowhunter4250

    black and white clown pair laying eggs

    i have a pair of black and white clowns that layed a clutch of eggs , i had no way of taking care of them , they hatched are are now gone for coral and fish food ... this was last week , i noticed they layed another clutch ? is this normal ? i thought they only layed eggs every few months ? just...
  16. Bowhunter4250

    Encrusting and branching

    Curious to why ??? i have a mixed reef , mostly sps of various kinds and sizes .. i have a few pieces that are branching out really nice but most of my sps are still small and very little growth as far as upwards branches so to speak ? now these same pieces will encrust like crazy !! is there...
  17. Bowhunter4250

    red planera flat worms out of control

    i have a serious problem with these flat worms , i try sucking them out a few times a week and it seems as if they multiply faster and faster , i have so many that they are almost a carpet in some places .... using FWE is not an option at this point yet ? my thought is to take all of my rock...
  18. Bowhunter4250

    Removing chaeto

    I have a 75 gal. Refugium now that i have divided into 3 sections , far left section i have about 85# of live rock with a circulation pump to move water the a set of baffles , the middle section i have live sand , a ball of chaeto and my clip light , then that dumps into the third section which...
  19. Bowhunter4250

    Lighting change

    I currently am running 3 250w 20k mh for 9 hrs. Im switching to 14k what would be the best photo period to start with and ramp back up so i dont shock everything ? 7 hrs ? Shorter ? Gradually increase each week ? Thanks
  20. Bowhunter4250

    wp40 and sps

    im running 2 wp40's and was going to add 2 wp25's on my 180 , i have a mixed reef with mostly sps .. my wp40,s are currently on a "wave" mode , was wondering what the best "mode" for sps would be ? wave , straight direct current on a on/off cycle ? curious to what others that are using these...