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    Local Fish Stores - Chicagoland (Updated July 2021)

    Seven Seas is gone :-(
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    I'm in the giving mood :-)

    @Pawel ... thanks for stirring up some activity and having some fun
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    I'm in the giving mood :-)

    51.. cool game.
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    Where are you guys,are we ok?

    where did everyone go? I am shocked at how little traffic, the feed never moves anymore.
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    Middle School Principal

    send me a PM, I have some spare things to get you going. I'm a hoarder and need to clean out.
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    Help with light repairs

    sounds good, back-ups are a must with lights and pumps. Glad you have a plan
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    Help with light repairs

    I have a few old black boxes that work. You can have one and then keep as back up. PM if interested
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    Local Acrylic/PVC Manufacturer?

    I was thinking the same thing, trying to build a small 5 gallon fuge to fit a small space, they make the finish product correct, thinking Petersen Brothers Plastics Inc since I am north side
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    Molly Miller Blenny

    I had one for about 2 years, never say it eat aptasias but I did not have it in my system. As for algea, it will eat some but will never be able to keep it in control. Its a fun fish best to use that as the reason. Mine carpet surfed so make sure you have a lid
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    Green carpet anemone ate my clowns

    you got me curious so I searched another board, and low and behold it said on rare occasion that a haddoni will eat a young ocellaris, It was very rare. I personal had a pair of midnight black with a haddoni for a year but they were exposed to a Bubble for a years before they went into tank...
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    Green carpet anemone ate my clowns

    sorry for your lose that is always a tough way to go. I have had several different carpets and lost fish but never clowns. Your clowns, have they ever been with another nem? My best guess is they lack the protective skin coating. Once i had a pair of red sea clowns, they were in a bubble for...
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    Battling Cyano...

    Use a UV.. it will knock it out in about a week. Then no chemical games. Doesn't have to be a monster one to do the trick
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    Sea Schor Fundraising and Sale 12/19/2020

    he was a good guy, this is very sad. thanks for sharing how we can help
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    Sea Schor Fundraising and Sale 12/19/2020

    Great Idea to help out. I'll swing by. Hopefully Steve will be back in action soon
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    Anyone know who can do acrylic repairs?

    take a 1 inch x 1 inch x 1/2 thick acrylic square and bond to the inside of the tank. That will insure it will not break the seal. I have had it on my tank for 8+ years not issues. Safest play and you won't notice much since sand will be covering it.
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    Pond Installers Local

    i figured that was the case, I've built my own stand and plumb all my own tanks cuz DIY is always much cheaper.. time is tight and the thought of digging a giant hole in ground seems long.. Since pond is new to me got any sites that give me guidance? I know i want a waterfall and UV another...