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  1. elite01

    Love It

    You gotta love it when you give someone a tank for free on a different site and you find it a month later for sale here.. What's the point of giving stuff away if people are just gonna try n sell it. No more pif nowadays. Smh
  2. elite01

    Picasso Clown Acting Weird

    Ok guys hopefully someone here can help me figure out what's going on. I've had my pair for almost a year now. Well the larger of the two finally found my bta and started hosting it about two months back. Well about four days ago he stated to stay I the nem. He won't leave it at all. He's not...
  3. elite01

    Fuge Question

    So I'm looking at different options for the sump. Bb, sand, miracle mud. I've seen plenty say the slow flow in the fuge area gives detirus the opportunity to settle and possibly create issues. Now my question is wouldn't I simply be able to put a small ph there abd keep the detirus suspended? My...
  4. elite01

    What are these clear Tube like things?

    I've had this rock in my sump for a couple of months. There doesn't seem to be a mouth for them and they just branch out from the original tentacle.. what are they?
  5. elite01

    From a 29 Biocube to a 60 Cube

    It's been about four months since I upgraded my little 29 Cube to my 60 and I have to say I've never looked back. Here are some current pictures. Slowly coming along nicely
  6. elite01

    Well... Poop

    Yea poop.. it took a bit but I've finally been infected... I've got the ich... I moved about a week or two ago It must've stressed the fish (yellow tang) enough that it appears the immune... blah blah blah. I'm setting up a separate tank to treat with Cooper but have a few questions. I have a 20...
  7. elite01

    My little swimmer

    Well guys looks like I've gotten the best little fish anyone can ask for. My fiance and I are expecting our third baby! Super excited thought I'd share with y'all here
  8. elite01

    Well I finally did it

    I went ahead and derimmed my 29 Gal bio. Pleasantly surprised at how clean it all turned out. I'd like to thank Siebo and tinman for all the advice and help. It only took me about 45 minutes to remove the lid and clean all of the silicone off. Let me know what yall think
  9. elite01

    Derimming a Cube

    Well guys I've been looking at the tank after going hoodless and the trim around the tank is just irking me. I want to do what others have done and derim it but I'm still a little hesitant. Anyone have some advice for me or a little tip before I take the plunge
  10. elite01


    I had this in my tank about maybe four years. It went when I got out of the hobby.well.... now I'm back in and I want another. Please help me id this
  11. elite01

    My 29 Gallon Cube

    Here's my current progress on my 29 Cube. It's been about a month now, helped the cycle along with lr and ls from another tank, and dr Tim's additive. my next leap will be to an in wall 210. But that will take time and patience from the wife lol My pistol soon to be...
  12. elite01

    looking for a little something

    I'm not sure if this is the right section so I apologize ahead if time but I'm looking for a nice goby to pair with my pistol I just got from a fellow reefer. So if anyone had seen one or has one fs please lmk. Thank you all
  13. elite01

    need help to id the zoas