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  1. JimXRS

    Local Fish Stores - Chicagoland (Updated July 2021)

    Sho Tank Aquariums Kenosha has closed. The one in Mundelein is still open.
  2. JimXRS

    Looking for metric bulkhead or union

    I know you said "locally" but if you can't find what you need you should try CoralVue's site. I've personally purchased metric plumbing parts there for my CADLights system.
  3. JimXRS

    Alk, Calcium and Magnesium Supplements

    Yes, I also wholly agree that a calcium reactor is best. I have one for the 150g.
  4. JimXRS

    What's the size of your dream aquarium?

    The Marineland 300g DD is my favorite tank. We all have dreams of going-big but I'd like something that fits my home and doesn't have a huge maintenance schedule.
  5. JimXRS

    Alk, Calcium and Magnesium Supplements

    For my 45g I started dosing Polyplab's One. I don't follow the instructions though since that tank only has smaller SPS corals. I dose 1 cap every other day and my levels are stable at 8.5 for Alk and 440 for Calcium. I don't test for Mag.
  6. JimXRS

    Coral Wonderland Frag Swap

    Was this moved to the 14th or are they having two swaps?
  7. JimXRS

    Coral Wonderland Charity Frag Swap

    Looks like I have somewhere to be on 12/14. :)