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  1. rako1

    My jb garden

  2. rako1

    Looking for chato

    I'm Still looking my last lead sort of fell through
  3. rako1

    Looking for chato

    Looking in northern suburbs for chato
  4. rako1

    Adding sand

    Has anyone ever added new sand to an established tank I have siphoned old sand and wondering what and how to add new sand. Live or dry which is best
  5. rako1

    Food grade?

    No it's a 40 breeder I cracked it moving it
  6. rako1

    Food grade?

    My tank cracked and I need to transfer my rock coral and fish into something while I swap out tanks anyone know if these are food grade?
  7. rako1

    Nori shelf life

    So I have a large pack of nori that is about 3 yrs old its been kept dry and is still crisp and green. Question is how long will it be OK to feed my fish.
  8. rako1

    2023 Chalice grow out

    Is this still open what kind of chalice are u growing out
  9. rako1

    Old tank rebuild. Thoughts?

    Thanks for the info and offer I'll think about it also I'm looking to replace the tank because I'm worried about it failing and I'm wondering if the old rock is contributing to my algi problem because of all the dead detrisus in the rock and my sump the baffles are separating. I do understand...
  10. rako1

    Old tank rebuild. Thoughts?

    So my 40 breader is about 14 years old all original rock and my sump is in bad shape. My main problem is syano and another algi that I an not sure what its called so I'm not sure where to start. I'm thinking on building a new sump first and installing it before moving on with replacing main tank...
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    Led drivers ?

  12. rako1

    Led drivers ?

  13. rako1

    Led drivers ?

    Hay everyone, So my Chinese black box I bought here through a group buy many years ago just blew a driver on the second channel. And I'm wondering if anyone knowes what these are and where I might find one
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    Where are you guys,are we ok?

    Not sure but i think i heard cmas
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    Pods ??

  16. rako1

    I'm in Round lake Beach IL Text me 8472765140

    I'm in Round lake Beach IL Text me 8472765140
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    Update your threads

    Very nice I like the bare bottom
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    Show me someone cool in your tank

    Very cool