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  1. icedearth15324

    2023 Chalice grow out

    I thought about joining but unfortunately my tank is currently under a period of neglect due to some personal issues. Currently battling flatworms and cyano, don't want to add any new corals for a bit.
  2. icedearth15324

    2023 Chalice grow out

    Since I didn't participate, let me know if you need any assistance with judging.
  3. icedearth15324

    Reef Inspired Cocktail Lounge Coming to Lakeview (Belmont/Sheffield)

    Pretty sure that's just a shot of malort.
  4. icedearth15324

    Local Fish Stores - Chicagoland (Updated July 2021)

    I'll try and work on updating it sometime this week.
  5. icedearth15324


    I'd love to go but I owe a lot in taxes this year so I don't think I could convince my wife to let me go.
  6. icedearth15324

    Tropic Marin Pro Salt

    How has your experience been with the blue bucket? I usually use reef crystals but the price differences are no longer as good as they used to be, so I'm curious if the $10-15 for a bucket is worth it.
  7. icedearth15324

    Tropic Marin Pro Salt

    Hey everyone, Wanted to give people a heads up in case you don't follow BRS or R2R that often. Tropic Marin Pro Salt had a batch issue where some salt was produced in Turkey, and not Germany. The salt in question was not to their standards, and had issues with brown residue appearing after...
  8. icedearth15324

    Payments via Venmo, Cash App and Zelle are reported to IRS. Zelle will not report you, but you will need to self-report if you receive money for business.
  9. icedearth15324

    I'm in the giving mood :-)

    So are we guessing how many heads you removed, or how many heads the colony had in total? Removed, 19 Total, 64
  10. icedearth15324

    ReefWise LFS

    I think my wife would kick my ass more for the lies more so than the truthful responses. Luckily (I think) when we go to the fish store together she's usually the one that encourages me to buy things.
  11. icedearth15324

    ReefWise LFS

    Glad to see this place has done a complete 180. Reefwise used to be my favorite store back when I lived in the suburbs, so when they stopped caring it was really sad to see. I remember seeing the troughs literally filled to the brim with corals, anything you could think of. Amazing fish I've...
  12. icedearth15324

    Filter Quarantine tank size

    An Aquaclear 30 should do the job quite well.
  13. icedearth15324

    Stand paint

    Moved to General. When I built my own stand, I did the following. Painted the entire interior with like 4-5 coats of Kilz white primer. Then I put 2 coats of liquid polyurethane just to be extra sure.
  14. icedearth15324

    Spam messages

    It would, but then it would also limit new members from joining. Which we've already had an issue with somewhat.
  15. icedearth15324

    Spam messages

    We do, any spam accounts get banned. And when I find them I ban any other accounts that come from the same IP addresses.
  16. icedearth15324

    Evo 13.5 - Mandarin Growout Tank

    Yes, I know what you are all thinking. A 13.5 is way too small of a tank for mandarins, which I am aware of. Well I'm going to be using this tank as a temporary grow-out tank for a pair of captive-bred @Biota_Marine Mandarins before they make their way into my 100g display tank. I want to make...
  17. icedearth15324


    I got some CuC, a yellow watchman goby, and a bunch of easy corals for my new captive-bred mandarin tank. And a Hanna calcium checker.
  18. icedearth15324

    Where are you guys,are we ok?

    I feel the site usually dies a bit during the summer months. Once it gets cooler more people hop on.
  19. icedearth15324

    Aquashella Next Weekend!!

    High PO4, my NO3 is actually pretty good. My PO4 last time I checked was around .4. Been trying to do more regular water changes and running some Rowaphos to lower it.
  20. icedearth15324

    Aquashella Next Weekend!!

    I went and actually managed to keep myself from buying anything. Been having a nutrient issue lately so I'm still trying to get that situated before buying new corals.