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  1. DD

    POTM Contest for January 2018

    Happy New Year everyone! Without further ado, I bring you the first POTM Contest for 2018. The rules are fairly straightforward, and we're going to use the ruleset here:
  2. DD

    Bourbon Drinkers?

    My foray into bourbon began shortly after I turned 21. I went through a few different phases when it came to booze, then settled on Grey Goose vodka and wouldn't drink anything else. I went to a bar and they didn't have Grey Goose, so my buddy ordered a Beam and Coke, and I decided to try...
  3. DD

    Cigar Smokers?

    We have any cigar smokers in here? I remember back when I turned 18, I was really into cigars. I played a lot of golf, and couldn't imagine playing without having a stogie or two, one per 9. I had a great source for Cuban cigars, so I smoked really good ones. I was probably into cigars...
  4. DD

    What made you get into reefing?

    I wanted to share how I got into reef keeping, but also share how I got into aquariums to begin with. I'll start: My first introduction into aquarium keeping was when I was very young, probably around 6-8 years old. This is going back, and some of you older guys will probably remember...
  5. DD

    World Wide Coral Bleaching Event

    Just saw this article pop up on my news feed. I hate to read about things like this happening.
  6. DD

    New Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue

    Anyone have one? Thoughts? Was considering picking one up to replace my IT2040. Technically nothing is wrong with the 2040 but I like my Kessil A360W so much I figured I would simplify my setups and make them more similar in operation, plus the A160 would be the perfect size for my tank...
  7. DD

    Do any of our local reef stores have conch snails?

    More specifically, I'm looking for one that typically goes by several names: tiger sand conch or fighting conch. If you have one in stock, please shoot me a pm. If you've seen one anywhere recently, please shoot me a pm with the location. Thanks in advance!
  8. DD

    ......and I came home to a problem...

    Hey fellow reefers, I was away from home since this morning and just got back a little while ago. Apparently the circuit breaker tripped around 3pm and while one of my tanks is perfectly fine, I came home to find that the smaller of my two tanks water level is fairly low. Immediately I know...
  9. DD

    Sho Tank Meet Up Poll

    Good afternoon reefers! We are planning our next meet up, and this time it will be up at Sho Tank Aquariums! I've included a poll at the top with two dates, and we'd like to see which date works best for you. Both dates are Saturdays as those dates would be best for everyone. The poll will...
  10. DD

    Aqua Pros - Chicago Reefs Meet Up!!!!

    Good afternoon all, We are scheduling a short notice meet up at Aqua Pros for this week Friday evening. We have enough members interested in Friday that we need to start planning to accommodate the headcount, so the voting is ending early. Hope you all can make it and look forward to meeting...
  11. DD

    Note to all members

    I don't get to spend as much time on the site due to life's many ridiculous priorities. With that being said, lately when I do have some time to log on, I am greeted by bickering and drama. This site is first and foremost, dedicated to reef keeping; a hobby. Let's keep the site dedicated...
  12. DD

    Vendors and Photoshopping.

    Hey everyone, Thought I'd throw an example of how easy it is to photoshop something. I was taking a pic of one of my acros just a little while ago, and ended up with a photo that looks nothing like the coral does in real life, and I didn't even try that hard to fake it. I'm using a canon...
  13. DD

    OT: World War 2 in Color Series on Military Channel

    Just in case anyone on here loves military stuff like I do, I highly recommend this series. I was up till about 4am or so this morning watching the series on the Military Channel. I have to say, it was really good. I've seen so many different documentaries, read books, etc about world war...
  14. DD

    Thanks Brian and Judy!

    Today was my second trip to Best Fish. I was in the area for a conference and stopped by to see what they had in and couldn't be happier with my latest purchases! I picked up a pair of SA Picasso clownfish. The prices couldn't be beat, and the quality and health of the fish was excellent...
  15. DD

    Kalkwasser Success

    Greetings, I've been using a doser on my 27 gallon for a while. It's kept my parameters pretty stable and made it quite easy to make any adjustments. I was toying around with the idea of getting another doser for my 50 cube, but got a really good tip from Brian (BigBarnacles). He said to...
  16. DD

    Aside from reefing, what are some of your other hobbies?

    Well, we all know we enjoy our various marine creatures. What other hobbies do you all enjoy? What are you passionate about? I've always felt hobbies are necessary to keep you sane. We live in a highly stressed country, and without an escape, a healthy escape that is lol, we would all go...
  17. DD

    Aquarium Plumbing - A Reference Thread

    Hey everyone, I thought I would throw together a post that has methods of plumbing for aquariums. From the age of 16-24 I worked for my father doing plumbing so I learned a thing or two about plumbing, so I thought I would share. Overflows Durso: The durso overflow is a typical overflow...
  18. DD

    Cool macro shots of sea slugs/nudibranchs
  19. DD

    Ingenuity strikes again!

    Fish dedication at it's finest!
  20. DD

    What is sweet baby Jesus is this!!!

    What in sweet baby Jesus is this!!! Just saw this on my glass, it's like the size of a half dollar, and yeah I took it out. Any clue as to what the hell it is???