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Hi my name is Rich I have just started a new build. This is my first although I have had small and simple salt water aquariums awhile back. I have many questions about setting up a aquarium most mechanical so far. This is a 180 build I started with the cabinet frame and the drilling of the glass for a ghost overflow ( I think that’s what it’s called) This build so far has been a challenge both in time and mistakes. The mistakes no big deal the time I have none but that will change. Cheers65796580658165826584


You dont have a center brace going parallel (top to bottom). Is that wood 2x4?. Maybe its just me, but looks a little on the (crinch) . I built my own stand just like yours (150gal). I didn't add a center brace because I wanted the bottom to be fully open. But to help the weight of the stand I reinforced the frame where the tank sits, screwing two 2x4 together.

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Hi thx for the welcome Quicksilver, Patel, 11fishjones, Bommie. It took awhile to get back (several days) I work to much I am not allowed any electronics or internet at work for security reasons. That translates to communication almost a snails pace.

Bommie thx for the info. The stand frame is 2x6s with 2x4s in corners used to attach 2x6 legs with screws. I do have the center braces cut but not installed two reasons 1. An open area to until sump is in place. 2. I was not sure if I needed them but incorporated them into the design. I agree the extra support is always great.


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Welcome back to the hobby. It's looking good so far.

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