Breakthroughs in fish breeding


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Twenty years ago growing corals was JUST becoming a reality. Ten years ago captive breeding anything past clownfish seemed like a dream, let alone tangs.

A few years ago they finally bred the 1st captive tang, I believe it was a yellow tang. Another breakthrough happened when they bred the blue hippo a year or two after that.

But then this hear they found away to breed both the purple tang AND the regal angelfish!

These just add to the list of fish already bred which is already huge. So my question Is this:

What do you think is next? For the hobby itself and for fish keeping



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It has to happen. As reefs deteriorate and native fish / coral become rarer more expensive, there will be a growing pressure to raise in captivity. At some point I am sure it will become the more economical, possibly only feasible option.


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Add clown triggers to that list. I'm hoping that wrasse and anthias are next. They have had success with Borbonious anthias, so I'm sure that they can apply that to Lyretail, Bartletts, etc.