Getting back in.....


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What are you setting up? It is so much fun setting up a new tank!

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Ordered an Innovative Marine Nuvo Ext 112g. Should be delivered next week.

I always wanted a Marineland 150 DD which was 36x36. When I started thinking about getting back in a while ago I found out that the entire Deep Dimension line has been discontinued by Marineland. It’s a shame but I get it. They had soooo many problems with leaks over the years.

Anyway the new tank is roughly 36x36x20. Drilled for a BeanAnimal system, dual returns, 1/2” low iron ultra clear glass.

I’m going with the Trigger Ruby 30 sump, RO 150 Classic skimmer, 2 Reefbreeders Photon 24s. I would love to get an apex and some MP40s or Gyres but I’ll have to wait on those items for a bit.

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Ok so since I've been out for a while I would love to just run my equipment list by you guys. If you see something I may be missing/overlooking please let me know.

IM Nuvo Ext 112g
IM APS Stand
Trigger Systems Ruby 30 Sump
Trigger Systems Ruby 10g ATO Resevoir
Reef Octopus Classic 150 INT
2x BRS 300w Titanium Heaters w/WiFi Controller
Jebao DCQ 10000
IM Cheatomax Fuge Light
2x Reefbreeders Photon 24 V2+
2x Reefbreeders RP-M
120lbs Marco Dry Rock
120lbs Dry Spec Grade Reef Sand
All Sch80 fittings, vavles, unions.
Red PVC pipe


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Build looks like some good fun, nice equipment choices. I look forward to you comments on the Reefbreeders RP-M.
Now I just have to figure out how to get the tank in the house and on the stand. IM says the tank weights roughly 300lbs. I’d ask the community for help but of course Covid.


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The tank looks huge packaged lol. Cannot wait to see it come together. +1 on the suction cups

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if you havent. already bought these

2x Reefbreeders Photon 24 V2+
2x Reefbreeders RP-M

go with a radion g5 pro .. one light would be plenty for growing anything in that tank and looks awesome aesthetically