Help : Strange Water Parameters


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Hello, Everyone

I did a 55-gallon water change to my 90-gallon tank on 10/15th and changed out my carbon and GFO. My skimmer wasn't working correctly but I have corrected it and now it's starting to skim better than before. I let the tank cycle for a bit and then did my water test last night but came up with my odd results. My Nitrate is 10ppm which is in the supper pink in the salifert test kit over 100. That is kinda of crazy with the huge water change I made and my inverts are doing fine and one of my shrimp just molted last night. Should I have a concern about how high it is? I haven't had any fish in my tank for past 6 weeks due to ick so I haven't overfed my tank. Also not sure why my calcium and Magnesium are so high so I bring them down? Any thoughts?

My Reuslts

Specific Gravity - 1.025
Temperature -78.8
PH - 7.94
Alkalinity - 125 PPM - 7 DKH
Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate 100 10ppm
Phosphate - 0.21
Calcium - 475
Magnesium - 1470


That's not really that high. If you have corals they should be happy.

Just keep an eye on those phosphates.

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