Hey guys I thought I would finally use the profile that I created.. My name is Alex and I live in Racine. I have been reefing for about 6 years now. I have had about 15 setups and am still looking for that perfect tank. Right now I have a 40 breeder cut in half so 20 total gallons. I keep a mixed reef and stay in the higher end corals. I have bought and sold off my corals many times but am hoping that I will be at my current residence for a few years so want to finally build a display tank. I've traded or bought or sold from a few of u in the past and looking forward to contributing here as well.

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Here are a few of them. I recently got a new phone and will take some new pics. Straight from
iPhone so not the best pics
Omega 2.0 :)

Candy Apple blastos

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Welcome. I just joined a few days ago myself after stumbling across the site while searching the internet. Seems like a great place.