Jep’s Fluval Spec V Reef Tank


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Finally back full force in the saltwater game and if you remember me, I love nano tanks :) and here I go again with yet another nano reef build :)

Fluval Spec V 5g
Light: Kessil A80
Realreefrock rock
Caribsea argonite sand
Aqueon 15w heater
Vivid creative aquatics random flow generator

Coming soon upgrades:
Intank media basket
Cobalt mini mj606
Reefglass skimmer
Nano ato system

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Tweaked my light setting for my tank a little bit for my kessil a80 and set it to 45/60. Also finally upgraded my tank pump cobalt mini jet 606 and upgraded and got an intank media basket. And lastly upgraded my heater to the aqueon 50w heater and temporarily hooked the tank up to my reefkeeper controller.

Smart ATO Nano AutoAqua

Going back to the beginning, decided to add a yellow tail blue damsel. My very first I started with in the hobby.

Tank FTS 11/6/19
Perfect for my tank and fits in the back chamber perfectly.

Coming soon:
Will be hooking up the tank to my apex tank once my aquabus plug comes in and will only add one other fish to the tank which is a goby but still having a hard time locating it online and locally. Also will slowly start moving some more coral in my tank and maybe anemone or two..

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December FTS

Some coral pics

And a new addition to the tank :)

Also finally added this tank to my apex so now my apex is running this tank and my 25g IM :)

I don’t really post here much but if you guys are on Instagram follow me @jepthenanotankguy Im more active on IG than anything else

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