Just moved tanks and my coral doesn't look happy

Hi everyone, not sure what type it is but it's one of my favorites and it doesn't seem to be doing well and just wanted another opinion. Just moved tanks and went from T5 to LEDs that are only at 60% and I'm tempted to either move it higher or boost the lightning from the assimilation program to normal. The first picture is without the flash, second with and the third is when it was in the old tank. It could be the difference in the light spectrum but I want to make sure. Everything else in my tank appears to be doing well including my Mother of Pearl Tyree and all my anemones and softies. This one though looks like it might be starting to bleach. I just increased my LEDs from 80% to 100%. Hopefully that will help, the tank is shallow at 16" so I'm not sure if placing it higher will do much.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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If it were me blasting it with more light may do more harm then good, I would keep light at a lower setting for a little while and then slowly ramp up, if you bleach it there is no coming back, if it brown it’s still alive and can come back. Acclimate your leds don’t rush it


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I like [MENTION=2509]rockhead[/MENTION]s comments on light, i suspect it’s the moving that made your coral lose color. I’d go slowly with the light.