Rich’s First Build 180


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I have just started a new build. This is my first although I have had small and simple salt water aquariums awhile back. I have many questions about setting up a aquarium mostly mechanical.
I drilled the tank for an overflow on the side towards the top. The holes are no perfect and I expected that. My question is it worth using sealant in addition to the bulkhead gaskets.89DD41EC-7D16-491C-8CE2-491298374ECB.jpeg


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You should be fine with just the bulkhead gaskets. Adding silicone to bulkheads makes it really difficult to stop any leaks that you'll likely get from any gaps between the rubber gasket and silicone. For future projects, I always drill holes from the inside of the tank because you get a cleaner edge on the inside of the tank, which gives you a better seal. Again though, you should be just fine. :)