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I'd be interested in the tomini, the file fish, and at least the Cardinal if you still have them please feel free to call me at 630- 290-1275
let me kno how many heads are avaliable ill take all of them
Theirs plenty available don't have a full count because some are splitting .
Txt me is easier 8479714241
when can i come get the tank. ill take it i think i bought a nano cube from you like 10 years ago. lol.
Looking for brighter SPS corals. LMK if you have anything available. Thanks
is the nem still available? i bought some frags a while back from you and i remember your tank was amazing
It is gone i will let you know if it splits again
what do u want for a frag of the flame acro ? do u have other sps frags for sale
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I've been doing $50 for about a 1" chunk. I have red robin, vivid's rainbow, wwc yellow tip, garf bonsai, and some jawbreakers.
The space between the center brace and outer edge of the opening on my tank is 22 1/4 inches. Did I read correctly that the glass pieces are 24 inches wide?
The reference to 24”, must be like the reference to a 2 x 4 piece of lumber. The actual length is 22 3/4”. Added a couple more pictures to the original thread.