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    Moving large aquarium

    This company specializes in moving valuable artwork and other high value/high risk items. They do dozens of aquariums a year. Not cheap, but if you want peace of mind you can try them:
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    I have a good hang-on-back skimmer you could use. Check out my recent for sale thread...

    I have a good hang-on-back skimmer you could use. Check out my recent for sale thread:
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    If you have the space you can very carefully clamp the sides together with a few of these: I would drain as much water from the tank as possible before clamping and ratchet the clamps...
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    Middle School Principal

    30g and stick to easy coral like leathers, polyps and frogspawn and you should be ok
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    Anyone use these barrels for saltwater storage?

    It's safe, but if you only need 30 gallons you can pick up a 32 gallon Brute can at any Home Depot for half the price and no shipping
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    Akaimal 375g sps dominated reef

    Hey can you put names to the pics? I'd like to know what those are.
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    Fish recommendations

    (Length x width x height in inches) / 231 = volume in gallons (not including glass thickness, overflow boxes, and head space). So (72 x 30 x 26.3) / 231 = 245.9
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    Fish recommendations

    I'm a fan of the chevron tang. A healthy adult looks awesome.
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    Mp10s or 40s on softer plastic

    Why waste a Vortech to mix water? None of the features are going to be of use. I would just get a cheap regular submersible pump for mixing.
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    Help with light repairs

    That's when you whip out the rusty old Chinese fixture you had before and throw it on the tank
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    Reefin on a budget

    Haha if only you knew . . .
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    Reefin on a budget

    I've been thinking about starting a reef tank, but money's been a little tight. That's why I was pleasantly surprised when I got this at Subway today. The build quality is a little shaky and all the livestock are stickers, but you can't beat the price and the sandwich it came with was delicious:
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    Local Acrylic/PVC Manufacturer?

    BTW you're looking for a fabricator not a manufacturer
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    Local Acrylic/PVC Manufacturer?

    Acrylic Design Works by Midway are great:
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    Help! White Fuzzy Algae.

    That's what I suspected. The algae looks like the type of algae that appears when cycling a tank. it will probably go away by itself and be replaced by normal algae. Your levels are ok except you shouldn't have any nitrite. (Also wondering what kit you are using that tests .2ppm nitrate?) Are...