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I hope everyone is enjoying the new upgrades to the website
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I must say I am very impressed with the update. The site looks very modern now. I am very pleased to be a part of the CR community.
Thanks. Still a long way to go but Im happy with the direction its going
Hey I live by Bridgeport - do you have any GSP? Looking for a really bright neon version of it. Some I seen are green but not bright. Do you have any? How much if you do and how big is it? I want to try to attach it on my background so it’ll start to grow on there. Thanks! 773-851-5350 if you want to text me
Hey do you have any neon green toadstools? Also looking for a neon green sinularia 773-851-5350 when are you free if you have any? Thanks!
Hey are you still selling corals? What’s remaining? I live in the West Loop - where are you located? I need a piece of gsp (looking for a really neon version though) so I could try to start growing it onto my background. Also do you have any zoa colonies? Feel free to text me - 773-851-5350 Thanks a lot!