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Hey there. How much are you asking for frags of Pink Floyd, Pink Cadillac and Fox Flame?
Pink Floyd is out for Now ,Pink Cadillac and Fox Flame $50 an inches can cut big frag if You are Interesting .
Would be interested in your blue summit for $40. Let me know. Thanks
Sorry, my brother sold it to his friend over the weekend. I'll let u know when I have more.
Interested in::
ASD 3 - 40.00
Bubblegum Digi mini colony 75.00
Red planet $20.00
Would you consider a break on a pack? Anymore orange passion? I live in Palatine. Would you consider meeting?
Yes, I am selling my rocks. They are all over 3 years old and covered in yellow sponges. There are a few mussels growing on some too. Please come and buy them all. ;)